Net::FS::Gmail - store and retrieve files on Gmail


    my $fs = Net::FS::Gmail->new( username => $user, password => $pass );

    $fs->store("piccy.jpg", "renamed_piccy.jpg");

    open (FILE, ">output.jpg") || die "Couldn't write to file: $!\n";
    binmode (FILE);
    print FILE $fs->retrieve("renamed_piccy.jpg");
    close (FILE);



Takes the same options as Mail::Webmail::Gmail

store <filename> [as]

Store the file <filename> on Gmail. If a second filename is given then use that as the name on GMail

retrieve <filename> [version]

Get <filename> from Gmail.

If the file has multiple versions then you can pass in a version number to get version - 1 being the oldest. If you don't pass in a version then you get the latest.

versions <filename>

Returns a list of all the versions of a file

Each item on the list is a hashref containing the date the file was saved and the id of that version using the keys timestamp and id respectively.

The list is sorted, latest version first.


Get a list of all the files on the system

delete <file> [version]

Delete a file. If you pass a version number than only delete that version.

remove <file> [version]

The same as remove except that the file is merely moved to the trash.


Get your current remaining quota, just like in Mail::Webmail::Gmail i.e returns a scalar with the amount of MB remaining in you account.

If called in list context, returns an array as follows:

    [ Used, Total, Percent Used ] [ "0 MB", "1000 MB", "0%" ]


Simon Wistow <>


Copyright 2006, Simon Wistow

Released under the same terms as Perl itself