#!perl -w

use strict;
use Net::FS::Gmail;

=head1 NAME

gmailfs - simple program to store and retrieve programs on Gmail

=head1 USAGE

    gmailfs <username> <password> [ <store|delete|retrieve|remove> <filename> [as] ]

=over 4

=item username and password are your gmail username and password

=item pass a command - either store, delete, retrieve or remove. If you just pass a username and password then a list of all files will be printed.

=item filename is the path to store or retrieve on Gmail

=item the optional 'as' indicates what to store the file as on GMail or save it as locally. If passed to delete or remove then it indicates a version of a file to retrieve.


my $user  = shift; die "You must pass a user name\n"                 unless defined $user;
my $pass  = shift; die "You must pass a password\n"                  unless defined $pass;

my $fs = Net::FS::Gmail->new( username => $user, password => $pass ) || die "Couldn't log in\n";

my $store = shift; 
if (!defined $store) {
    print join("\n",$fs->files)."\n";

my $file  = shift; die "You must pass a file\n"                      unless defined $file;
my $as    = shift;

if ($store eq 'delete') {
    $fs->delete($file, $as);
} elsif ($store eq 'remove') {
    $fs->remove($file, $as);
} elsif ($store eq 'store') {
    $fs->store($file, $as);
} elsif ($store eq 'retrieve') {
    $as   = $file unless defined $as;
    open (FILE, ">$as") || die "Couldn't open $as for writing: $\n";
    binmode FILE;
    print FILE $fs->retrieve($file);
    close FILE;
} else {
    die "Unknown command '$store'\n";

=head1 AUTHOR

Simon Wistow <simon@thegestalt.org>


Copyright 2006, Simon Wistow

Released under the same terms as Perl itself