Revision history for SemanticWeb-OAI-ORE

1.00    2013-07-31
	Fix tests to handle varying attribute order obtained in RDFXML output
	Bumped version to 1.00 as code is stable
	No change to library code except version number

0.95	2010-12-07
	Change to make SemanticWeb::OAI:ORE a module rather than just pod. Lazy include
        is now 'use SemanticWeb::OAI:ORE'.

0.94	2010-12-06
	Changed name to SemanticWeb::OAI:ORE

0.93	2010-11-03
        Rewritten to mactch v1.0 OAI-ORE specification at
	Uploaded at Net::OAI::ORE to CPAN

0.10	2007-10-22
        First version to match OAI-ORE alpha specification

$Id: Changes,v 1.4 2013-07-31 15:29:53 simeon Exp $