* Make sure H::W::NM will associate the breadcrumbs trail with a category,
if this category expands there. So, for example:

will generate the breadcrumbs trail of:

Shlomi Fish -> Philosophy.

* Create a 'show' directive - like 'show_always' only with a predicate.


* Add a way to manage sub-menu objects, where a navigation menu can refer
to a sub-navigation menu.
    - Perhaps it should be done by simply adding a reference to the tree?

* Make the module support URLs with CGI GET parameters properly.

* Add support for more attributes other than class="" to the ul and li
    - like id=""

* Add a host-based regexp arbitrator to the predicate:
    { 'host_re' => { 't2' => "^home/", 'vipe' => "^home2/" } }

* In HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Tree::Node - make sure url_type accepts only
its enum values.

* Give an option to render a sub-set of the navigation-menu, starting
at a certain coords/url-path.

* Release on CPAN as version 0.8.0.
   - change the version in $VERSION.
   - document the changes in Changes.
   - update the readme.

* Maybe make a way to implement a generic backend to the data using various
kinds of databases/etc.