Revision history for Perl extension HTML::Widgets::NavMenu.

1.1000  2022-06-06
    - Convert packages to lib/**.pm files.

1.0902  2022-05-20
    - Fix for up arrow/nav-link.

1.0901  2022-05-20
    - Fix for up arrow/nav-link.

1.0900  2021-04-25
    - Add the experimental coords_stop option.
        - false by default.

1.0801  2020-07-03
    - Fix and re-enable the PerlCritic test on tidyall.

1.0800  2020-07-03
    - Speed up some hot spots / bottlenecks.
        - "A Lisp programmer knows the value of everything and the cost
        of nothing"
    - lib/HTML/Widgets/NavMenu/ switched escape_html() to @EXPORT_OK
        - Minor back compat break.
    - Cleanups including explicit imports , and perlcritic.

1.0704  2019-03-11
    - Convert to dzil.
    - Try to fix broken provides (e.g: )

1.0703  2015-06-10
    - Fix broken links to the examples' version control repositories.
        - Thanks to Anne for inspiring it.

1.0702  2013-05-21
    - Add t/cpan-changes.t
        - Correct this file.
    - Add scripts/ .

1.0701  2012-12-09
    - Fix typo:
        - Thanks to GUIMARD and lintian.

1.0700  2012-12-09
    - Add the li_id attribute to the tree's nodes to add an id="..." attribute
    to the <li> tags.

1.0603  2012-09-18
    - Update the URLs to the repository, and sites.

1.0602  2012-09-17
    - Get rid of trailing space.
    - Update the contact details.

1.0601  2012-09-05
    - Moved away to scripts/ so it won't
    be installed by default.
    - Moved away under examples.

1.0600  2011-04-16
    - Add HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::JQueryTreeView for generating navigation
    menu that this jQuery plugin can handle well:

1.0501  2010-11-14
    - Now generating the Makefile.PL from the Build.PL using
    create_makefile_pl (less error-prone).

1.0500  2010-11-12
    - Convert from Class::Accessor to Class::XSAccessor for extra speed.
    - Add the file.

1.0400  2009-12-09
    - Got rid of the dependency on
    - moved the HTML/ directory with the test scripts-support code from
    the root of the distribution to unde t/lib .

1.0302  2009-06-25
    - Fixed some broken links and other inaccuracies in the POD of
    lib/HTML/Widgets/ .

1.0301  2009-06-23
    - Changed the 'license' in Build.PL from "bsd" to the more accurate
    - Added keywords and links to the META.yml.

1.0300  2009-06-14
    - Refactoring: Made HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Object a sub-class of
    Class::Accessor to remove many "use base" calls to it.
    - In progress - converting a flat %args hash (splatted into the @_)
    into a single $args hash-ref.
    - Removed a use lib "." from HTML::Widgets::NavMenu - it's a leftover
    statement that could be a subtle bug.
    - Refactoring: converted direct $self->{'field'} accesses to
    accessors. (from all the classes).
    - Fixed a bug with the HeaderRole where an empty <ul> was created.

1.0201  2008-03-28
    - Fixed a case where a non-capturing expand in a node inside a
    capturing expand caused the upper node to be non-capturing too.

1.0200  2008-03-23
    - Removed trailing whitespace from "# TEST" lines - this can confuse
    early versions of Test-Count
    - Fixed a "# TEST" instead of a "# TESTbr" line that confused Test-Count.
    - Added the no_leading_dot option with a test.

1.0100  2008-02-08
    - Fixed a bug in HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Url:
    relative URL from a non-dir to a dir. It accidently had an
    extraneous "../".
    - Fixed the _get_leading_path_of_coords function in HTML::Widgets::NavMenu
    to properly generate the topmost item of the breadcrumbs trail, which
    should be in coords = [0] and not coord = []. The latter is meaningless
    and ignored. This caused a subtle bug in combining the breadcrumbs
    trails of my homesite.
        - it became apparent when the URL of the [0] item was not empty.
    - Added the 'capt' key to the 'expand' => keys for "capturing" regex.

1.0001  2006-09-11
    - Added "use strict" and "use warnings" to all modules.
    - Added a Test::Pod based test.
    - Added a Test::Pod::Coverage test, and added POD to all modules.
        - Some internal methods were prefixed with an underscore.
    - Added the examples directory.

1.0000  2005-11-06
    - Made sure that the breadcrumbs trail in expanded sections will
    display the components of the expanded sections.
    - Fixed the POD.
    - Added the link to the article to the POD.
    - Bumped the major version number to 1.x and kept some digits into the
    future to make CPAN and happy.

0.10.2  2005-08-24
    (backdated - module was released on 17-August-2005)
    - Added IO::Scalar to the Perl modules this module depends on. (it
    is needed by the tests, but was not explicitly specified yet, because
    it was believed to be part of the core distribution).

0.10.1  2005-07-25
    - Fixed the building using "perl Makefile.PL" and "make".

0.10.0  2005-07-12
    - Added tests and refactored the code to have a 100% test coverage.

0.8.0   2005-04-23
    - get_cross_host_rel_url is now part of the API.
    - Now returning nav_links_obj
    - Added some tests

0.6.0   2005-03-24
    - no longer making use of the module.
    - extracted two methods in HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::Iterator::NavMenu
      that can now be over-rided by the user.

0.4.0   2005-01-20
    - Added the url_is_abs option to the nodes.
    - Many code cleanups.

0.2.0   2005-01-02
    - First non-developer CPAN Release.