Revision history for Perl extension Class::Generate.

1.18    2020-10-13
        - Rebuild for new PodWeaver deps (remove stale links).

1.17    2018-05-24
        - Fix github link.
            - Thanks to SREZIC for the report.
        - Add test_requires on Text::Soundex.
            - Thanks to SREZIC for the report.

1.16    2018-05-22
        - Convert to dzil .

1.15    2015-04-22
        - Fix tests on perl-5.20.1 (and wherever Text::Soundex is absent)
            - Thanks to Vaclav Barta (VBAR) for the report

1.14    2014-01-27
        - Convert from Makefile.PL to Build.PL for better Kwalitee.
        - Add the LICENSE file - Kwalitee.

1.13    2014-01-22
        - Add t/cpan-changes.t , t/pod-coverage.t , t/pod.t ,
        t/style-trailing-space.t to check and fix for style issues.
        - Add t/rt27445.t to test for:
            - Seems to be OK now.

1.12    2014-01-21
        - Fix :
            - Tests were broken in perl-5.18.x and above.
        - Add information about the GitHub repository on to the META.json.

1.11    2011-04-16

        - Fix defined(%hash) in one place.

        - Documentation fix.

1.10    2007-08-01

        - The code that generated the %_cginfo variable was not checking to
        see if values contained single quotes.  This would cause errors.
        The code now places a backslash before single quotes.

1.09    2007-06-08

        - Class::Generate now ensures that, during code-checking in a
        subclass, the code has access to the @ISA variable.

        - A bug in recording constructor styles has been fixed.  This bug
        only matters for saved classes.

1.08    2007-04-24

        - Class::Generate "uses" rather than "requires" Perl version 5.8.

1.07    2006-12-29

        - Class::Generate now understands the warnings pragma in perl 5.8.
        This has been effected by adding several options: warnings, check_code,
        and check_params.

        - The MIX parameter style wasn't working for classes with no
        positional parameters.

1.06    2000-11-27

        - Trailing semicolons are automatically appended to pre/post code if
        they were missing ("Do what I mean").

        - Diagnostics have been improved.

        - A subroutine delete_class() has been added, to encapsulate the
        operation of deleting a class.

1.05    2000-11-27

        - The class function can now be used to declare subclasses, just like

        - The mechanism for recording class declarations has been improved. It's
        been modularized, with functions that make classes saved to files
        understood when they're read back in.

1.04    2000-08-07

        - Classes may now include protected members and methods, accessible in
        subclasses but not in the parent.

        - Hash-based members have a new accessor: $o->delete_x(k) deletes
        key k from hash-based member x of instance o.

        - The nocopy option for members improves control over the semantics
        of instance copying.

        - A variable _cginfo has been added to each package.  Currently it is
        a scalar storing the class' base type.  Eventually it will contain
        information that will improve handling of classes saved to files.

        - The regexps for testing the validity of a member name let some
        erroneous names slip by.  They have been corrected.

        - A test for whether a subroutine name is known in a package was
        incorrectly implemented and sometimes resulted in a warning about an
        undefined value.  It's been fixed.

        - The MIX parameter passing style wasn't implementing the checks for
        extraneous parameters correctly.

1.03    2000-01-03

        - Added regression tests, and packaged according to accepted Perl style
        with a

        - A Subclass may now access its parents' members in user-defined
        code as identifiers, not through methods.

1.02    1999-12-07

        - New options and features aimed at optimizing modules to perform
        specific tasks without overhead of unused functions.

1.01    1999-11-08

        - Bug fixes, primarily in passing parameters from a subclass'
        constructor to its superclass' constructor.

        - Added options class_var, instance_var, check_code, and check_default.

        - Added copy() and equals() methods.

1.00    1999-09-22

        - Original version. No regression tests included.