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pod/buildtoc - Generate table of contents


This program generates a table of contents for the documentation included in the Perl core distribution. This table of contents takes two forms:

1 pod/perltoc.pod

A file in Perl's Plain Old Documentation (POD) format found in the pod/ directory in the core distribution. Once Perl is installed, this file becomes accessible system-wide via perldoc perltoc.

2 pod/roffitall

A shell script originally written by Tom Christiansen and Raphael Manfredi, also found in the pod/ directory, which can be used to translate Perl documentation into man pages.


This program will typically not need to be called directly by a user. Rather, it is one of the last commands invoked during make test_prep:

    ./perl -Ilib -I. -f pod/buildtoc -q

The only command-line switch is -q|--quiet, which quiets some non-critical warnings.

Diagnosing Problems

This program requires Porting/pod_lib.pl and makes use of several subroutines found in that file: get_pod_metadata() and pods_to_install() in particular. Consequently, any warnings or exceptions you see when this program is running may be being passed through from those subroutines. You may have to (a) examine those subroutines and/or (b) run that program from the command-line to fully understand what is causing such warnings or exceptions.


This program was introduced into the Perl 5 core distribution by Andy Dougherty, based on earlier work by Tom Christiansen. It is maintained by the Perl 5 Porters.