NAME - A post processor for make test.valgrind

SYNOPSIS [--dir=dir] [--frames=number] [--hide=identifier] [--lines] [--output-file=file] [--tests] [--top=number] [--verbose]

DESCRIPTION is a post processor for .valgrind files created during make test.valgrind. It collects all these files, extracts most of the information and produces a significantly shorter summary of all detected memory access errors and memory leaks.



Recursively process .valgrind files in dir. If this options is not given, must be run from either the perl source or the t directory and will process all .valgrind files within the distribution.


Number of stack frames within the perl source code to consider when distinguishing between memory leak sources. Increasing this value will give you a longer backtrace, while decreasing the number will show you fewer sources for memory leaks. The default is 3 frames.


Hide all memory leaks that have identifier in their backtrace. Useful if you want to hide leaks from functions that are known to have lots of memory leaks. identifier can also be a regular expression, in which case all leaks with symbols matching the expression are hidden. Can be given multiple times.


Show line numbers for stack frames. This is useful for further increasing the error/leak resolution, but makes it harder to compare different reports using diff.


Redirect the output into file. If this option is not given, the output goes to stdout.


List all tests that trigger memory access errors or memory leaks explicitly instead of only printing a count.


List the top number test scripts for memory access errors and memory leaks. Set to 0 for no top-n statistics.


Increase verbosity level. Can be given multiple times.


Copyright 2003 by Marcus Holland-Moritz <>.

This program is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.