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FIXME - short description of the security issue, with an identifier of the issue as the manpage name


This document describes the FIXME security vulnerability for perl 5.

Are there any known exploits "in the wild" for this vulnerability

FIXME or delete

Who is particularly vulnerable because of this issue?

FIXME or delete

What is the nature of the vulnerability?


What potential exploits are enabled by this vulnerability?

FIXME or delete

Which major versions of perl 5 are affected?

FIXME with a list of versions that are affected, and which were updated.

How can users protect themselves?

FIXME or use the following:

If you are vulnerable, upgrade to the latest maintenance release for the version of perl you are using.

If your release of perl is no longer supported by the perl 5 committers you may need to upgrade to a new major release of perl. The versions currently supported by the perl 5 committers are FIXME 5.28.2 (until 2020-05-31) and FIXME 5.30.1 (until 2021-05-31). The current version of perl is available from https://www.perl.org/get.html .

Who was given access to the information about the vulnerability?

FIXME or use the following:

Specifics about the vulnerability were first disclosed to perl-security, a closed subscriber mailing list that has a subset of the perl committers subcribed to it.

When was the vulnerability discovered?


Who discovered the vulnerability?


How was the vulnerability reported?

FIXME: something like "So-and-so sent email to perl-security@perl.org"