=head1 NAME

General Handlers Issues

=head1 Description

This chapter discusses issues relevant too any kind of handlers.

=head1 Handlers Communication

Apache handlers can communicate between themselves by writing and
reading notes. It doesn't matter in what language the handlers were
implemented as long as they can access the notes table.

For example inside a request handler we can say:

  my $r = shift;
  my $c = $r->connection;
  $c->notes->set(mod_perl => 'rules');

and then later in a mod_perl filter handler this note can be retrieved

  my $f = shift;
  my $c = $f->c;
  my $is = $c->notes->get("mod_perl");
  $f->print("mod_perl $is");

=head1 Maintainers

Maintainer is the person(s) you should contact with updates,
corrections and patches.


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Stas Bekman [http://stason.org/]


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