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Replaced the idiom of using $mod_perl::VERSION as a test for whether
or not you're running under mod_perl 1.x or mod_perl 2.x with a more
accurate and general test. By Frank Wiles E<lt>frankE<lt>atE<gt>wiles.orgE<gt>.

A new troubleshooting section on how to resolve can't locate file foo,
when there is a system limit on the maximum open files. By Ken Simpson

A few corrections in the config chapter by Jean-S├ębastien Guay
E<lt>jean_seb E<lt>atE<gt> videotron.caE<gt>.

A new troubleshooting section on how to resolve "undefined symbol"
problems by Matisse Enzer E<lt>matisse E<lt>atE<gt> hamparts.comE<gt>.