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Refer to this document to learn what changes were made to the
documents, since you've read these last time.

The most recent changes are listed first.

=head1 ???

* porting.pod:

 o Reworking and extending the porting perl modules sections [Nick
   Tonkin E<lt>nick (at) tonkinresolutions.comE<gt>]

* Started the following docs:

  o mod_perl internals: Apache 2.0 Integration

  o Which Coding Technique is Faster

* Reshuffled the dir/file structure to make more sense, as new docs
  are getting added.

=head1 Wed Mar 20 21:20:20 SGT 2002

* docs::general::testing::testing:

   o add the info for differentiating between httpd-1.x and httpd-2.x
     in C code. [Gary Benson E<lt>gbenson@redhat.comE<gt>]

* devel::debug_c::debug_c:

  o Add Solaris core dumping instructions [Kyle Oppenheim

* devel::benchmark::benchmark:

  o 'sv_catpvn vs. fprintf' and 'backticks vs XS' benchmarks [Doug

* devel::modperl_style::modperl_style

  o Corrections from Tim Henigan [E<lt>t.henigan@verizon.netE<gt>]