=head1 NAME

ModPerl::PerlRun - Run unaltered CGI scripts under mod_perl

=head1 Synopsis

  # httpd.conf
  PerlModule ModPerl::PerlRun
  Alias /perl-run/ /home/httpd/perl/
  <Location /perl-run>
      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::PerlRun
      PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
      Options +ExecCGI

=head1 Description

META: document that for now we don't chdir() into the script's dir,
because it affects the whole process under
threads. C<L<ModPerl::PerlRunPrefork|docs::2.0::api::ModPerl::PerlRunPrefork>>
should be used by those who run only under prefork MPM.

=head1 Special Blocks

=head2 C<BEGIN> Blocks

When running under the C<ModPerl::PerlRun> handler C<BEGIN> blocks
behave as follows:


=item *

C<BEGIN> blocks defined in scripts running under the
C<ModPerl::PerlRun> handler are executed on each and every request.

=item *

C<BEGIN> blocks defined in modules loaded from scripts running under
C<ModPerl::PerlRun> (and which weren't already loaded prior to the
request) are executed on each and every request only if those modules
declare no package. If a package is declared C<BEGIN> blocks will be
run only the first time each module is loaded, since those modules
don't get reloaded on subsequent requests.


See also L<C<BEGIN> blocks in mod_perl

=head2 C<CHECK> and C<INIT> Blocks

Same as normal L<mod_perl

=head2 C<END> Blocks

Same as

=head1 Authors

Doug MacEachern

Stas Bekman

=head1 See Also

and C<L<ModPerl::Registry|docs::2.0::api::ModPerl::Registry>>.