=head1 NAME

APR::BucketType - Perl API for APR bucket types

=head1 Synopsis

  use APR::BucketType ();
  my $name = $b_type->name;

=head1 Description

C<APR::BucketType> allows you to query bucket object type properties.

=head1 API

C<APR::BucketType> provides the following functions and/or methods:

=head2 C<name>

Get the name of the bucket type:

  my $bucket_type_name = $b_type->name;

=over 4

=item arg1: C<$b_type>
( C<L<APR::BucketType object|docs::2.0::api::APR::BucketType>> )

=item ret: C<$bucket_type_name> ( string )

=item since: 2.0.00



  use APR::Bucket ();
  use APR::BucketType ();
  my $eos_b = APR::Bucket::eos_create($ba);
  my $b_type = $eos_b->type;
  my $name = $b_type->name;

Now C<$name> contains I<'EOS'>.

=head1 See Also

L<mod_perl 2.0 documentation|docs::2.0::index>.

=head1 Copyright

mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under
The Apache Software License, Version 2.0.

=head1 Authors

L<The mod_perl development team and numerous