Revision history for Perl distribution Filter-Crypto

2.09 2020-12-08

    - Fix build on ARM-based Debian Linux.  [Alexander Zangerl, CPAN RT#132267]

    - Fix build when using an OpenSSL path with spaces in it.  [RobertCElliott,

    - Fix occasional failures in t/02_function.t and t/03_script.t.  [Slaven
      Rezic, CPAN RT#131973]

    - Fix build when using OpenSSL 1.1.0 or later on Windows 7 or later.

2.08 2018-07-31

    - Dropped use of RAND_screen() on Windows for OpenSSL 1.1.0 onwards since it
      is now marked as deprecated.

    - Further improved compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.0 on Windows by always
      linking against crypt32.lib, which is now required for static builds of
      OpenSSL on Windows (unless the no-capieng build option was used).

    - Improved compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1.0 by changing Newxz()/Safefree()
      to EVP_CIPHER_CTX_new()/EVP_CIPHER_CTX_free().  These functions for opaque
      EVP_CIPHER_CTX handling were added in OpenSSL 0.9.8b, but their use now
      seems to be necessary on some systems.  [kmx, CPAN RT#121970]

    - Added support for new library file name on Windows arising from unified
      build system changes in OpenSSL 1.1.0.

    - Avoided possible test failures in t/04_par.t by checking that 'pp' really
      is PAR Packager rather than a different 'pp' (e.g. from App-Adenosine or
      the FreeBSD ports collection).  [Slaven Rezic, CPAN RT#111423]

2.07 2015-02-28

    - Fixed parsing of OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER in openssl-1.0.2.  [Dmytro
      Zagashev <>, CPAN RT#102421]

    - Fixed broken link for active bugs on the CPAN Request Tracker.

    - Added optional Changes testing (skipped unless AUTHOR_TESTING).

    - Reformatted Changes file as per CPAN::Changes::Spec.

    - Made Perl Critic, Pod and Pod Coverage tests skip unless AUTHOR_TESTING.

    - Added optional POD coverage testing.

    - Added optional Perl::Critic testing.

    - Made code Perl::Critic clean.

    - Simplified and corrected Makefile.PL requirements.

2.06 2014-05-30

    - Simplified repository metadata for cleaner appearance on

2.05 2014-05-16

    - Avoided possible test failures in t/02_function.t, t/03_script.t and
      t/04_par.t by avoiding the problem of trying to open a file with a pending

    - Reduced memory fragmentation when running encrypted Perl scripts.  [Kevin
      Groeneveld <>, CPAN RT#95021]

    - Removed the rudimentary checks on the compiler versions in Makefile.PL
      when building these modules on Windows since it appears that using
      different compilers (and hence potentially different C RTL DLLs) is safe
      after all.  Note, however, that there is still a compatibility problem
      when building this module with Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003 (VC7) or
      earlier if your perl was built with Visual Studio 2005 (VC8) or later: see
      Perl RT#121448.  However, that is quite an unlikely scenario, so it is not
      worth checking for in Makefile.PL.

    - Changed all PerlLIO_*() function calls to the corresponding lowio
      functions: they should be redefined as necessary by perl's header files
      anyway, which is indeed the case in perl-5.8.1 and above, at least -- see
      the exchanges between myself and Jan Dubois on the "perl5-porters" mailing
      list, 04-05 Mar 2010, for more details on this.

    - Uploaded source code to GitHub and included repository URLs in metadata.

    - Included META.json file in addition to META.yml.

    - Simplified Makefile.PL commands for making a new distribution archive.

    - Bumped minimum required ExtUtils::MakeMaker version to 6.66 to allow
      building with 64-bit perl (otherwise the build fails with errors about
      fakethr.h and perlsfio.h).

    - Reverted to plain old ExtUtils::MakeMaker for building, now that that's
      more fully maintained again.  Module::Install has virtually died a death,
      and Module::Build is no better either.  Require a fairly recent version
      (6.64) to ensure that all parameters used are supported, to save jumping
      through hoops to support earlier versions.  (This should not be a problem
      since ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.64 is easily installed into Perl 5.8.1 and
      above, that being the whole point of the new choice of minimum supported
      Perl version.)

    - Set minimum required OpenSSL version to 0.9.6k or 0.9.7c, which are
      approximately contemporaneous with Perl 5.8.1.

    - Bumped minimum required Perl version from 5.6.0 to 5.8.1.  This is in line
      with the minimum requirement of the "Perl Toolchain".

2.04 2014-02-19

    - Fixed crypt_file's "-c encrypted" and "-c decrypted" options when used in
      conjunction with the "-e tempfile" option.  These combinations of options
      previously caused the input file to be replaced with a zero length file.
      [CPAN RT#93152]

2.03 2013-07-08

    - Improved crypto library detection so that the library is now correctly
      located on Debian Multiarch systems such as Ubuntu >= 11.04.  [Stas
      Ivaschenko <>, CPAN RT#86632]

    - Corrected typo in a comment.

2.02 2013-02-14

    - Removed an sscanf() accidentally left behind after the previous change.
      It should have been removed, and its accidental retention could have been
      the cause of a CPAN Testers Reports "FAIL" report involving a core dump
      since it actually caused a buffer overrun.

2.01 2013-02-07

    - Fixed decoding of bytes from pairs of hexadecimal digits to work on
      big-endian systems.  [Jörg Weber <>, CPAN

2.00 2012-05-19

    - Changed the formatting of encrypted source code, with each byte of the
      typically "binary" data now output as a pair of hexadecimal digits and
      therefore no longer susceptible to breakage caused by perl reading source
      files in "text" mode, which has become the default on Windows since Perl
      5.13.11 (specifically, Perl core commit #270ca148cf).

1.36 2012-03-20

    - Removed extra diagnostics previously added to t/03_script.t now that the
      cause of the "FAIL" reports has been discovered.  It turns out that the
      perl installations in question are all development versions of Perl (5.X.Y
      where X is an odd number) with $Config{versiononly} defined and the
      required "perldoc" script consequently named "perldoc5.X.Y" rather than
      the usual "perldoc".
      It is really up to Pod::Usage to handle this situation, so I have raised
      CPAN RT#75598 reporting the problem.  However, in the meantime I have also
      modified script/crypt_file to workaround the problem itself.  Hopefully
      this will resolve the long-running "FAIL" reports relating to this issue.

    - Updated Module::Install::PRIVATE to version 1.07 and
      Module::Install::PRIVATE::Filter::Crypto to version 1.11 now that CPAN
      RT#5849 is fixed.

    - Updated Module::Install components from version 1.06 of that distribution.

1.35 2012-03-05

    - Added extra diagnostics to t/03_script.t to try to discover the cause of
      persistent CPAN Testers Reports "FAIL" reports regarding test 99.

1.34 2012-03-02

    - Reverted changes made in version 1.32 which caused PAR::Filter::Crypto to
      abort (and t/04_par.t to skip corresponding tests) with certain versions
      of Carp, and applied a simple fix for the problem instead.  (Carp only
      auto-vivified the B:: stash, but left it tellingly empty, so we now simply
      test for the existence of something actually in the B:: stash.)
      Note that the problem did not only affect the execution of encrypted files
      within a PAR archive: it actually affected the execution of any encrypted
      file being loaded after Carp has already been loaded.  The new approach
      fixes those scenarios too.  [CPAN RT#75443]

1.33 2012-02-29

    - Reverted changes made in version 1.32 which accidentally unconditionally
      used the Module::ScanDeps module.  (It is a prerequisite of the PAR-Packer
      distribution which contains PAR::Filter, but PAR::Filter is only a
      recommendation, not a prerequisite, of this distribution.)

1.32 2012-02-28

    - Modified PAR::Filter::Crypto to stop with an error when using certain
      versions of Carp (and fixed t/04_par.t to skip all tests accordingly): its
      caller_info() function used to autovivify the B:: stash, causing the
      generated PAR archive to fail to run due to its restriction on not running
      with the Perl compiler backend enabled.  The problem was introduced in
      Carp 1.18 by Perl core commit #bf236c8ee5 and fixed in Carp 1.21 by Perl
      core commit #1a6d530815.  [CPAN RT#67516]

    - Removed documentation of a formerly known failure in t/04_par.t when using
      Module::ScanDeps version 0.75 since the failing test(s) have been skipped
      since version 1.22 anyway.

    - Updated Module::Install components from version 1.04 of that distribution.

    - Updated ppport.h using version 3.20 of the Devel::PPPort distribution.

1.31 2010-07-25

    - Added support for building on Mac.  [Dan Waldheim

    - Updated Module::Install components from version 1.00 of that distribution.

1.30 2009-11-14

    - Fixed t/03_script.t to skip test 99 when run on a Debian-based host
      without perl-doc installed.  [C.J. Adams-Collier <> on
      the Debian Perl mailing list (]

    - Added a note to LICENCE to mention that whilst this distribution is
      licensed under the same terms as Perl itself, it depends on OpenSSL (or
      SSLeay), which are licensed under BSD-style licences that are incompatible
      with the GPL option of this distribution's licensing.  [C.J.

1.29 2009-10-26

    - The previous changes to check in new locations and for as
      well as libcrypto.a broke some Solaris 2.10 builds which have a in /opt/csw/lib/amd64 but aren't using a 64-bit perl.  Change
      the library file detection code to only consider the 64-bit library file
      locations if we are using a 64-bit perl.

    - The previous change to update ppport.h broke builds with Perl >= 5.9.5
      because new support for PL_rsfp_filters requires an explicit request for
      support of PL_parser.

1.28 2009-10-25

    - The previous change to address CPAN Testers Reports "FAIL" reports from
      Solaris 2.11 didn't work, perhaps because, as pointed out on the OpenSSL
      users mailing list (, must be used
      instead of libcrypto.a.  Therefore, added code to check for
      where libcrypto.a isn't found.

    - Updated Module::Install components from version 0.91 of that distribution.

    - Updated ppport.h using version 3.19 of the Devel::PPPort distribution.

1.27 2009-10-22

    - Fixed a double-free error in the Decrypt component when using Perl 5.6.2,
      which was detected by some CPAN Testers Reports "FAIL" reports.

      The filter's SV contains a pointer to the filter context.  The SV is made
      magical so that when the SV is destroyed the filter context gets
      automatically freed by the magic virtual table's svt_free function,
      namely, FilterCrypto_FilterSvMgFree().  However, that freed the mg_ptr on
      the magic but didn't set it to NULL, which meant that the caller
      (Perl_mg_free()) potentially tried to free the mg_ptr again.  Prior to
      Perl 5.7.3 it would indeed free the mg_ptr again if mg_len >= 0, which is
      true in this case (our mg_len is always 0), hence the errors with Perl
      5.6.2.  From Perl 5.7.3 onwards (specifically, Perl core change #14373),
      Perl_mg_free() only frees the mg_ptr again if mg_len > 0, so the double-
      free wouldn't occur with those perls.  However, it is good practice to set
      pointers to NULL after freeing them, so this is done in
      FilterCrypto_FilterSvMgFree() for all versions of Perl, and all other
      pointers elsewhere are also set to NULL after being freed.

    - Added two new locations in which to check for libcrypto.a on non-Win32
      systems: ${prefix}/lib/amd64 and ${prefix}/lib/sparcv9.  This is where the
      library could be found on 64-bit Solaris Intel and 64-bit Solaris Sparc
      systems respectively, according to answers from the OpenSSL users mailing
      list (, and should hopefully resolve a couple of
      CPAN Testers Reports "FAIL" reports from 64-bit Solaris 2.11.

1.26 2009-10-18

    - Declared a minimum version of 1.15 for Pod::Usage.  (In the course of
      investigating CPAN RT#50533, which I still haven't resolved as of this
      writing, I found that t/03_script.t fails test 99 when using a perl build
      with an architecture-dependent lib/ folder if Pod[-]Parser is 1.21 or
      older (which contains Pod::Usage 1.14 or older) due to a bug that was
      explicitly fixed in PodParser 1.22 (which contains Pod::Usage 1.15).)

    - Added missing declaration of test scripts' dependency on blib.

    - Silenced a warning produced by old versions of blib by installing an empty
      $SIG{__WARN__} handler when loading it, rather than by not using blib.
      This ensures that the extra work done by blib compared to the simplistic
      "perl -Iblib/arch -Iblib/lib ..." approach is not missed, which might have
      some bearing on some of the CPAN Testers Reports "FAIL" reports (most of
      which relate to a sufficiently old Perl version to have the old blib

    - Added a check for "debug" mode perl builds in Makefile.PL when building
      the "Decrypt" component.  This should ensure that CPAN Testers Reports
      report "N/A" rather than "UNKNOWN" if their perl builds are "debug" mode.

1.25 2009-10-11

    - Declare all core module dependencies in the Makefile.PL as well as the
      existing CPAN module dependencies.  [Andreas Koenig <>, CPAN

1.24 2009-09-06

    - Use Scalar::Util::reftype() instead of UNIVERSAL::isa().  The latter is
      explicitly warned against in the UNIVERSAL documentation, and this also
      avoids a deprecation warning from UNIVERSAL->import() in Perl 5.11.x which
      caused t/03_script.t tests 42 and 47 to fail.

1.23 2008-08-28

    - Improved crypto library detection so that the library is now correctly
      located in the Win32 OpenSSL Installations produced by Shining Light
      Productions (see
      [Erik Weidel <>, CPAN RT#38780]

1.22 2008-08-25

    - Fixed PAR::Filter::Crypto so that it doesn't encrypt the
      Filter/Crypto/ module, otherwise programs created using
      "pp -F Crypto ..." don't run.  Added new tests to check this. [CPAN

    - Updated Module::Install components from version 0.77 of that distribution.
      [CPAN RT#29866/29795]

    - Skipped a couple of tests in t/04_par.t that are known to fail when using
      Module::ScanDeps 0.75 (see changes below for version 1.20).

    - Changed the use of "eval { ... };" to test the return value rather than $@
      since under certain circumstances $@ can end up undefined after a failed

    - Changed all Nullxx macros to (XX *)NULL as per Perl core change #33051 and
      various earlier changes.

1.21 2008-07-06

    - Added the magic "OS unsupported" phrase to Makefile.PL's die() message so
      that CPAN Testers Reports report "N/A" rather than "FAIL" on OSes where no
      OpenSSL or SSLeay installation has been detected.

    - Updated Module::Install::PRIVATE to version 1.06 for Makefile.PL

      * Added the magic "OS unsupported" phrase to Makefile.PL's die() message
        so that CPAN Testers Reports report "N/A" rather than "FAIL" on OSes
        where the appropriate C compiler cannot be found.

    - Updated Module::Install components from version 0.75 of that distribution.
      Changed Makefile.PL appropriately to cope with a non-backwards-compatible
      change in the (undocumented) recommends() method.

    - Added full paths to Cygwin tools used when creating the distribution.
    - Updated ppport.h using version 3.14 of the Devel::PPPort distribution.

1.20 2007-07-25

    - Fixed the decryption filter code to not crash when there is nothing to
      decrypt.  This allows a file containing just
      "use Filter::Crypto::Decrypt;" to run exactly as an empty file would be

    - Fixed t/03_script.t to skip tests 42 and 47 when built in debug mode since
      they otherwise fail due to the debug output.

    - Documented a known failure in t/04_par.t when using Module::ScanDeps
      version 0.75, and modified PAR::Filter::Crypto to emit a warning if that
      version of Module::ScanDeps is detected since the generated PAR archive
      will probably be missing Filter::Crypto::Decrypt's shared library file in
      that case.

1.19 2007-07-10

    - Introduced a new FILTER_CRYPTO_FILTER_COUNT macro to determine the number
      of filters currently installed rather than querying PL_rsfp_filters
      directly because that variable no longer exists as of Perl core change
      #31200 which moved it into the PL_parser structure.

    - Changed Perl_my_chsize() to my_chsize() as suggested by the output from
      running "perl ppport.h --compat-version=5.6.0".

    - Changed some SvPV(), SvPV_nolen() and SvPVX() calls to SvPV_const(),
      SvPV_nolen_const() and SvPVX_const() respectively.

    - Removed definitions of PERL_MAGIC_ext and Poison() for those older Perls
      that don't have them because they are now supplied by ppport.h.

    - Made FilterCrypto_SvSetCUR() safer as per Perl core changes #26952 and

    - Updated Module::Install::PRIVATE to version 1.05 for Makefile.PL

      * Fixed the compiler version checking on Win32 for Visual Studio 2005
       (VC8), which now uses four numbers separated by dots for its compiler
    - Updated Module::Install components from version 0.65 of that distribution.

    - Updated ppport.h using version 3.11 of the Devel::PPPort distribution.

    - Added comments to MANIFEST file.

1.18 2006-09-27

    - Fixed a PATH problem that caused t/04_par.t to fail on some platforms.
      [Jakub Holy <>]

1.17 2006-02-14

    - Fixed two off-by-one errors in the call to ninstr() in the
      Filter::Crypto::Decrypt code as per Perl core change #26509.

      This code was only working due to a bug in how ninstr() treated empty
      search strings.  However, that bug was fixed in Perl core change #26510 so
      the call to ninstr() must be fixed for Perls that contain that change.

    - Changed the handling of the salt and the initialization vector in the
      encryption/decryption code so that it does not rely on perl allocating
      exactly the amount of memory requested.

      This was an unsafe assumption to have made, and, in fact, as of Perl core
      change #24665, is no longer true.  Perl has always been at liberty to
      allocate more memory than was requested if it thinks that would be a good
      idea, and that is exactly what it now does in order to reduce the number
      of realloc()s that might be required.

    - Changed all Newz() and NEWSV() calls to the cleaner Newxz() and newSV()
      respectively, as per Perl core changes #25101 and #26901, and included
      ppport.h from version 3.08 of the Devel::PPPort distribution to make this

    - Simplified the definition and initialization of the magic virtual table
      used by the decryption filter in the light of Perl core change #26735.

    - Changed various "use MODULE;" lines to be explicit about what is being
      imported, and in particular to not import things that are not required.

    - Changed the last test in t/03_script.t to not use -T in the PERLDOC
      environment variable since it is not supported before Pod-Perldoc-3.04
      (first shipped in Perl 5.8.1).

    - Fixed a typo in t/04_par.t in which the wrong number of tests were being
      skipped in the case where Archive::Zip is unavailable.

    - Changed t/06_pod.t to use the fully-qualified name of all_pod_files()
      since it was (erroneously) not exported before Test-Pod-1.18.

    - Improved OpenSSL/SSLeay detection on Win32 so that if a Cygwin version is
      found then it is ignored since it will not be of any use.

    - Updated Module::Install::PRIVATE to version 1.04 for Makefile.PL

      * Fixed the handling of user-input relative directory paths so that they
        are converted to absolute paths before use in case the Makefile.PL has
        changed to another directory in the meantime;

      * Renamed lots of methods for a better naming convention.

    - Updated Module::Install components from version 0.56 of that distribution
      (together with one minor change, commented in the code, in order to work
      with the new proxy constant subroutines in Perl 5.9.3 and later).
      This includes Module::AutoInstall, which supersedes ExtUtils::AutoInstall.
      Changed Makefile.PL appropriately to take advantage of the new features.

    - Corrected spelling mistakes and improved the grammar in some of the

1.16 2005-09-06

    - Changed all files back to UNIX end-of-line format.  The previous release
      had accidentally made them all Windows format, which caused t/03_script.t
      test 98 to fail.  [<>]

    - Modified PREOP key in the dist option in Makefile.PL to ensure files are
      all UNIX format in the future to stop this from happening again.

1.15 2005-09-02

    - Improved crypto library detection so that the library is now correctly
      located on 64-bit systems that have both $PREFIX/lib and $PREFIX/lib64.
      [<>, CPAN RT#14397]

      Also improved the binary executable detection along the same lines.

    - Changed test scripts from using Test to Test::More for better diagnostic
      output in case of failures.

    - Updated Module::Install::PRIVATE to version 1.03 for Makefile.PL

      * Relaxed the compiler version checking so that only the major version
        numbers have to match (and also the minor version numbers for Visual
        Studio .NET 2002/2003 (VC7) and later, which use C RTL DLLs named
        msvcr70.dll, msvcr71.dll, etc)  [Sisyphus <> on
        the PAR mailing list (];

      * Fixed the parsing of bcc32's output as per Perl core change #24855.

    - Dropped the use of I<> for Perl variables in POD, in line with changes
      made (some time ago) to the perlpod manpage (Perl core change #12542).

    - Corrected spelling mistake: INITIALISATION should be INITIALIZATION.

    - Updated Module::Install and ExtUtils::AutoInstall components from versions
      0.37 and 0.62 of those distributions respectively.

1.14 2005-06-01

    - Added an --unsafe-mode option to Makefile.PL to specify that the "Decrypt"
      component should be built in an "unsafe" mode in which the Perl compiler
      backend modules are allowed to be loaded.

    - Added a --debug-mode option to Makefile.PL to specify that the modules
      should be built in "debug" mode.

    - Perl 5.8.7 contains a fix for PerlLIO_chsize() for those systems that do
      not have chsize() so there is no need for the workaround in
      CryptFile/CryptFile.xs from Perl 5.8.7 onwards.

    - Updated Module::Install::PRIVATE to version 1.02 for Makefile.PL

      * ExtUtils::AutoInstall command-line options are now better supported,
        fixing problems with custom option handling that did not recognize them;

      * Errors now croak() rather than die() so that the error messages look a
        little more friendly;

      * If the "auto install" checks loaded Test::Builder then that module's
        cleanup diagnostic code is now skipped, which suppresses the somewhat
        confusing (given the context) message

          # Looks like your test died before it could output anything.

        in the event of any subsequent error that causes Makefile.PL to croak().

1.13 2005-03-14

    - The previous fix to t/03_script.t did not do the job for the original bug
      reporter, so try a different approach: rather than trying to cope with the
      various format outputs produced by "perldoc" on different OSes, use the
      PERLDOC environment variable to ask for plain text output (-t).  We can
      also avoid involving a pager (-T).

1.12 2005-03-09

    - Fixed t/03_script.t test 99 to account for different format output
      produced by "perldoc" on some OSes.  [<> on CPAN
      Testers Reports (]

1.11 2005-03-03

    - Fixed crypt_file so that it now sets STDIN to "binary mode" if it is
      reading input from STDIN.

    - Fixed crypt_file so that it now accepts a single input file specifier
      consisting of just '-' to mean STDIN so that one can write commands like
      "someprogram | crypt_file -".

    - Fixed crypt_file so that it no longer tries to flock() STDIN or STDOUT
      when they are some other program's STDOUT or STDIN respectively because
      this does not work on Win32 (at least).  All of the following commands
      should now work:

          crypt_file                    STDIN from keyboard
          crypt_file <file              STDIN from file
          someprogram | crypt_file -    STDIN from someprogram

          crypt_file                    STDOUT to console
          crypt_file >file              STDOUT to file
          crypt_file | someprogram -    STDOUT to someprogram

    - Added new tests for these changes.

    - Changed the use of qq["$^X"] in some test scripts to only include the
      double-quotes if $^X actually contains a space since shell commands like

          qq["$^X" -e print(1) | "$^X" -ne print];

      (used in the new tests) do not work under Perl 5.6.0 on Win32 (at least)
      with the double-quotes included.  (These tests will therefore still fail
      in cases where $^X does contain a space, but that's not an ideal
      configuration anyway.)

    - Updated Module::Install::PRIVATE to version 1.01 for Makefile.PL

      * Added code to try to check that on Win32 the same compiler is being used
        to build these modules as was used to build perl itself to avoid
        problems with binaries built by different compiler versions loading
        different C RTL DLLs.

    - Added a recommendation for Test::Pod to Makefile.PL to test the POD when
      building these modules.

    - Corrected spelling mistakes: finalise, initialise, localise, recognise and
      utilise are more properly spelled finalize, initialize, localize,
      recognize and utilize respectively.

1.10 2004-12-12

    - Fix for running encrypted scripts in a mod_perl Apache::Registry set-up.

      In such a set-up the END subroutine in the file, which
      free()s memory allocated in the BOOT: XSUB, gets runs at the end of each
      request (unless the script being filtered was preloaded by the parent
      server process), which caused multiple free()s of memory that was only
      allocated once (at boot time, in the BOOT: XSUB).

      Instead, we now create a dummy object, blessed into the package concerned,
      that persists throughout the process' lifetime.  When the process exits,
      the object's DESTROY method gets invoked, which is where we now do our

    - Moved XSLoader::load() calls inside BEGIN subroutines as recommended by
      the XSLoader manpage.  This means that the XSUBs are now installed before
      the rest of the Perl module is compiled, and hence their prototypes are
      now known, and can be checked, during the remaining compilation.

    - Modified t/* to output the PID of the perl process running
      them so that it is easier to see which process to watch the memory usage

1.00 2004-11-01

    - First released version.

0.01 2004-02-08

    - Original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options:
      -n Filter::Crypto -b 5.6.0 -A