gemini-chat - a command line client for the Gemini protocol to send lines you type


gemini-chat [--help] [--cert_file=filename --key_file=filename] URL


All gemini-chat does is repeatedly post stuff to a Gemini URL. For example, assume that there is a Phoebe wiki with chat enabled via App::Phoebe::Chat. First, you connect to the listen URL using gemini:

    gemini --cert_file=cert.pem --key_file=key.pem \

Then you connect the chat client to the say URL using gemini-chat:

    gemini-chat --cert=cert.pem --key=key.pem \

At the prompt, type your message. What effectively happens is that all you type ends up being sent to the server via a Gemini request: gemini://

To generate your client certificate for 100 days and using “Alex” as your common name:

    openssl req -new -x509 -newkey ec -subj "/CN=Alex" \
      -pkeyopt ec_paramgen_curve:prime256v1 -days 100 \
      -nodes -out cert.pem -keyout key.pem