App::Phoebe::Galleries - serving sitelen mute image galleries via Gemini


This extension only makes sense if you have image galleries created by fgallery or App::sitelenmute.

If you do, you can serve them via Gemini. You have to configure two things: in which directory the galleries are, and under what host they are served (the code assumes that when you are virtual hosting multiple domains, only one of them has the galleries).

$galleries_dir is the directory where the galleries are. This assumes that your galleries are all in one directory. For example, under /home/alex/ you’d find 2016-altstetten and many others like it. Under 2016-altstetten you’d find the data.json and index.html files (both of which get parsed), and the various subdirectories.

In your config file:

    package App::Phoebe::Galleries;
    our $galleries_dir = "/home/alex/";
    our $galleries_host = "";
    use App::Phoebe::Galleries;