XML::IODEF - A perl module for easily creating/parsing IODEF Documents

  IODEF module is a wrapper around XML::Simple, providing an interface
  designed to simplify the parsing and creation of IODEF documents . IODEF
  is an XML based standard for the exchange of information related toi
  computer security incidents typically exchanged between collaborating
  Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs)

  The interface provided by XML::IODEF is designed to make it very simple
  to build an IODEF document.

  XML::IODEF is an modified version of XML::IDMEF.

  ******* WARNING ******* WARNING ******* WARNING ******* WARNING *******

   You'd hence better check that using this version of the module
   does not break anything in your code.

   And of course: this is a beta release and has not been thoroughly
   tested. Please try it out if you can and report success/failure to
   the project: 

   Use in production systems is at your own risks.

  ******* WARNING ******* WARNING ******* WARNING ******* WARNING *******


  Requires XML::DOM and a XML::Parser.


  Once the archive is unpacked, use these commands:

      perl Makefile.PL
      make test
      make install

  If for some reason, you can't run these commands, you can simple copy 
  the file to your lib/XML directory. To find out which paths
  perl uses to locate modules, do 
  'perl -e "print join(\"\n\", @INC), \"\n\";"'


  This version is a beta release, and has not yet been thoroughly
  tested in production environment. It has been succesfully run on both
  linux and openbsd. 
  If you encounter any problems installing or running this release, please
  email the author and provide him as much information as possible on the
  bug and its context.

  Please send any feedback to the project:


  The API is now compliant with the current draft of IODEF available

  See 'Changes' for a detailed history.

  XML::IODEF uses internally a simplified version of the IODEF DTD, which makes
  that this module will fail to create some very specific IODEF documents. 


  Copyright 2002 Erwan Lemonnier.
  Copyright 2003 John Green
  Copyright 2010 Wes Young (

  This module is free software under BSD license.