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Changes for version 1.0.19 - 2020-03-15

  • Properly parse conditions in case tag
  • Stop creating fake false values in if tag to cover an old bug
  • Metachars are escaped in replace, replace_first, remove, and remove_first filters


A Simple, Stateless Template System
Simple Node Type
Basic Relational, Equality, and Content Operators
Complex Variable Keeper
Generic Top-level Object
General Purpose Error Object
Default Filters Based on Liquid's Standard Set
Documentation for Template::Liquid's Standard Tagsets
Variable assignment construct
For-block killing construct
Extended variable assignment construct
Switch Statement Construct
General Purpose Content Eater
For-block jitter construct
Document-level Persistant Lists
Document-level Persistant Number
Simple loop construct
Basic If/Elsif/Else Construct
Document-level Persistant Number
General Purpose Content Container
Unless: The Opposite of If
Utility stuff. Watch your step.
Generic Value Container