Revision history for Perl extension Finance-Robinhood

0.21 2017-12-28T22:14:10Z

	- Require Moo 2.003004 due to an upstream bug in 2.003003

0.20 2017-12-27T15:09:49Z

    - Expose historicals call in ::Instument
    - Make Time::Moment the default time class

0.19 2017-03-29T16:26:33Z

    - Robinhood Instant/Gold features:
        - extended_hours value in ::Order
        - override_day_trade_checks value in ::Order
        - override_day_trade_checks value in ::Order
    - Gather orders after a certain time with ::Robinhood::list_orders({since => $timestamp})

0.18 2017-03-05T17:28:26Z

    - Add ::Robinhood::fundamentals(...) function/->fundamentals(...) method

0.17 2017-03-05T02:07:57Z

    - Lazy load ::Quote data
    - Expose source of quote (consolidated tape, nasdaq live, etc.)

0.16 2017-02-11T21:13:47Z

    - Add ::Instrument::Fundamentals class
    - Add support for bound historical data (...see docs)
    - Lazy load ::Market data
    - More lazy load stuff

0.15 2016-12-29T16:42:12Z

    - 'next' and 'previous' keys were getting messed up in paginated results
    - Various minor, nondescript fixes

0.14 2016-12-28T04:08:26Z

    - Lazy load ::Instrument data (save the API server on watchlist calls)
    - Expose day_trade_ratio, min_tick_size, country, and margin_initial_ratio in ::Instrument objects
    - ::Instrument->quote() returns a single quote object
    - Use Time::Piece if loaded (fallback to DateTime)
    - Rollback 0.12 now that the API is fixed

0.13 2016-12-25T19:41:16Z

	- Fix adding single instrument to watchlist

0.12 2016-12-02T21:42:01Z

    - Update eg/ for minor API change

0.11 2016-10-10T16:41:23Z

    - RH's API server stopped updating the /markets/ endpoint on July 30th.
    - ::Market::Hours now exposes extended trading hours

0.10 2016-08-27T16:37:13Z

    - New Finance::Robinhood::Portfolio class for current and historical info
    - New ::Robinhood->portfolios() method to get paginated list of portfolios
    - New ::Robinhood->markets() method to get a paginated list of supported
        markets as Finance::Robinhood::Market objects
    - New ::Robinhood::Market->new(...) constructor to get an object representing a
        specific exchange. Use the ISO 10383 MIC. ...see the docs for more.
    - New ::Order->refresh() method
    - Fix: Coerced dates are now parsed correctly
    - Fix: JSON decoder is now wrapped by Try::Tiny

0.09 2016-08-12T01:24:57Z

    - Breaking change: Finance::Robinhood::quote(...) always returns paginated list

0.08 2016-06-27T19:49:09Z

    - Updating several examples due to API changes and (mostly) lazy bugs
    - Though meaningless for market orders, the 'price' value is now required by the API
        If it's missing in your call to ::Order->new(...), quote data is requested for
        the instrument and the current bid price is used.

0.07 2016-05-29T20:46:30Z

	- Historical quotes correctly request a defined span
	- Example script found at eg/ only exports executed orders by default
	    - Override this with --all

0.06 2016-04-29T22:05:28Z

    - ::Order->executions() was dropping all but timestamp and settlement_date
    - Next and previous cursor information was leaking in paginated data
    - New demo script: eg/
        - Grabs entire order history and writes it to a file or STDOUT as CSV

0.05 2016-04-04T01:53:58Z

    - Get watchlist by name with ::Robinhood->watchlist(...)
    - ::Robinhood->delete_watchlist(...) can now delete watchlist by name or with object
    - Fix: API to bulk add symbols to watchlist supports 32 max per call

0.04 2016-04-02T16:21:13Z

    - Test making a buy order in t/05_buy.t
    - Fix bug randomly preventing ::Order re-creation

0.03 2016-04-01T21:55:25Z

    - Major documentation update
    - Order type cheat sheet in Finance::Robinhood::Order
    - Gather historical data on a security with Finance::Robinhood::historicals(...) or with ::Instrument->historicals(...)
    - Access current and historical portfolio data for ::Account objects

0.02 2016-03-31T19:26:04Z

    - New demo script: eg/
    - Buy and Sell orders are now made by directly calling Finance::Robinhood::Order->new(...)
    - Orders are cancelled with $order->cancel()
    - Support for initiating and completing a password reset request
    - Loads of user information methods
    - Document Finance::Robinhod::Instrument
    - Gather stock's fundamentals with aptly named ::Instrument->fundamentals()
    - Require IO::Socket::SSL and perl 5.12+
    - Note: I'm narrowing it down but the API will still be subject to change!

0.01 2016-03-26T23:35:04Z

    - First public release
    - This is an alpha dist. The API will be subject to change!