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Author image Salvador Fandiño García

Changes for version 0.76

  • Allow passing "file_from" and "from0" options into "rsync" (bug report and patch by Slaven Rezic, fixes #rt124357)
  • Document how to manipulate port forwardings.
  • Rename sample directory to examples (fixes #rt122042 reported by Karen Etheridge).

Changes for version 0.75_02

  • Add support for "master_pty_force" and "get_master_pty_log" features.
  • Add support for "subsystem" feature.

Changes for version 0.75_01

  • Use an opaque digest as the last part of the multiplexing socket path in order to reduce its size (bug report by Sombrerero_Loco at PerlMonks).
  • Improve ctl_path/ctl_dir handling catching more errors earlier.
  • Add support for stdin_keep_open feature (bug report by fwalters at PerlMonks).


Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH
cache and reuse SSH connections transparently
Constant definitions for Net::OpenSSH
trace ssh master process at the OS level
Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH
Quoter for Windows cmd.exe
Quoter for Win32::CreateProcess


in lib/Net/OpenSSH/ModuleLoader.pm
in lib/Net/OpenSSH/ObjectRemote.pm
in lib/Net/OpenSSH/ShellQuoter.pm
in lib/Net/OpenSSH/ShellQuoter/Chain.pm
in lib/Net/OpenSSH/ShellQuoter/POSIX.pm
in lib/Net/OpenSSH/ShellQuoter/csh.pm
in lib/Net/OpenSSH/ShellQuoter/fish.pm