Revision history for Desktop-Notify

0.05    2015-05-15
        Cleanup documentation and tests

0.04    2015-05-13
        Add app_icon option
        Add support for passing hints to the notification server. (patch from intrigeri)
        Add support for a user-defined function to be called whenever an action is invoked. (patch from intrigeri)

0.03    2009-12-25
        Fixed regression in 0.02 when creating notification with timeout
        Show a warning when closing a notification that has not been shown

0.02    2009-12-24
        Fixed non-numeric id/timeout bugs

0.01    2007-05-07
        Stuff that works:
            creating/displaying/modifying/updating/closing nofitications
            catching close signals
        Stuff that's not implemented yet: