0.060	February 16 2009
	Fix compatibility with forks 0.29 (now a minimum requirement) and later.

	*** Behavior change *** All variables now retain their pre-existing values after
	being shared.  This may cause slow sharing of a variable if the variable contained
	many values or was very large, or may trigger errors if the variable contained
	value(s) that are not valid for sharing.  Rule of thumb: always undef a variable
	before sharing it, unless you trust any pre-existing value(s) to be sharable.
	Improved shared variable memory management: more efficient use of BDB environment
	resources on a per-thread basis.
	Now correctly handles tmpdir locations with non-alphanumeric chars in the path.
	Support forks::BerkeleyDB::shared->set_deadlock_option.
	Silence spurious warnings when pushing undef values on shared array.
	Close unused environment resources in shared server.

	Integrated all forks 0.30 tests.

0.054	March 25 2009
	Fixed bug when forking that would prevent BerkeleyDB environment from explicitly
	closing.  This used to cause occasional environment corruption with certain
	BerkeleyDB releases.  forks::BerkeleyDB::shared is now fully compatible with
	all 4.x Berkeley DB releases.
	Corrected issue with TMPDIR path privilege modification that could cause loss
	of sticky bit (commonly used on certain platforms) and incorrect privileges
	assigned to / and /tmp.
	Added user-level control over permission, user, and group settings for TMPDIR.
	Improved logging in certain terminal exception cases.
	Miscellaneous minor under-the-hood improvements.

0.053	January 6 2008
	Modified shared array FETCHSIZE to use default, optimized BerlekeyDB.pm methods.
	This improves performance (efficient C function) and should improve overall 
	size reporting reliability, as the old use of BDB stats may not always guarantee
	up-to-date results (depending on kernel or physical disk buffer flushing delays).
	Modified shared hash FIRSTKEY and NEXTKEY to use default, optimized BerlekeyDB.pm
	methods.  Disabled shared hash SCALAR function in favor of FIRSTKEY.

0.052	September 30 2007
	Shared hash store and fetch are now 15% faster.
	Shared array store is now 18% faster.
	Silenced a warning when storing undef in shared hash element.
	Corrected a bug with multiuser support and temp directory permissions.
	Updated distribution to require at least forks 0.23.
	Test suite will not allow this module to be used with BerkeleyDB 4.4, due to
	apparent race-condition issues with CDB engine of that version.
	Implemented boolean hook $forks::DEFER_INIT_BEGIN_REQUIRE to insure shared
	files are purged at process exit with forks 0.26 and later.
	(Note: feature was broken in forks 0.24 - 0.25.)

0.051	9 July 2007
	Minor patch to forks::BerkeleyDB::shared to support forks::shared 0.24.
	Minor change to test suite to support forks 0.24.

0.05	10 April 2007
	Corrected package SIGNATURE file.

0.04	9 April 2007
	Fixed incompatible splice() on shared array with forks 0.21 and later.
	Added auto-cleanup of shared variable data at process exit if using
	forks.pm 0.23 or later.
	Updated support for CORE::GLOBAL::fork of forks 0.22 and later.

	Improved management of temp dir hierarchy for greater filesystem portability
	(e.g. to insure that max inodes are not exceeded for num folders in a folder).
	Shared variable data cleanup now performed in reverse order of file creation
	(so BDB environment files are deleted last, as a precaution).
	Performance improvement regarding undefined shared array values:
	ElemNotExists.pm is now a singleton class (to eliminate unnecessary object
	instantiation costs).
	Now using Devel::Required module as part of build process.

0.03	5 October 2006
	Corrected method by which CORE::GLOBAL::fork was overridden--now it really is
	working correctly (at compile-time).
	Signifigantly cleaned up and further optimized pre/post thread spawn logic.
	Corrected slow memory leak in threads whenever they would spawn new threads,
	caused by BerkeleyDB XS-level cleanup that was being inadvertantly skipped.

0.02	6 August 2006
	Implemented transparent bless across threads (note: feature will be silently
	disabled unless forks.pm >= 0.19 is installed).
	Updated test suite to match complete forks 0.19 set of tests (including blessed
	object tests).
	Implemented separate config module to allow access to global constants between
	Moved base BDB base environment to BerkeleyDB.pm (was originally in shared.pm).
	Reworked some internals to better handle overriding of function calls, when
	necessary by other support modules.
	Implemented Scalar::Util::reftype instead of ref() in internal function
	_filter_store_value to correctly support blessed references.
	Enabled database syncing in shared.pm END block to improve data integrity.
	Corrected minor POD bug in forks::BerkeleyDB::shared::array.
	Corrected a few file text formats to prevent inconsistencies between package
	signature and package contents.

0.01	25 April 2006
	First public version.