Revision history for Perl extension Test::Reporter.

1.21  Sun Dec 26 07:57:00 2004
    - fixed local hostname logic to skip /\.local$/ domains under OS X

1.20  Wed Mar 05 04:03:07 2003
    - fixed a minor bug with read()

1.19  Wed Mar 05 03:03:07 2003
    - added dir() -- specifies default directory to write report files to
    - added write() -- writes a test report to disk
    - added read() -- reads a test report from disk
    - These three methods are used in situations where you test on a machine
      that has port 25 blocked and there is no local MTA. You use write() on
      the machine that you are testing from, and use read() on the machine
      that you want to actually submit the reports from

1.16  Tue Feb 25 04:00:00 2003
    - abstract now matches PAUSE meta-data for this distribution
    - better POD documentation
    - header pass-through for X-Reported-Via, via via() -- this is useful for
      third-party distributions, like CPANPLUS, that use Test::Reporter
    - added 'debug' get/set method -- this is extremely verbose and primarily
      of use for debugging Test::Reporter itself
    - added 'address' get/set method -- specifies the e-mail address that the
      reports should be sent to -- you shouldn't need this unless the CPAN
      Tester's change the e-mail address to send report's to
    - added 'from' get/set method -- specifies the e-mail address of the
      individual doing the reporting -- you generally shouldn't need this as
      Test::Reporter tries very hard to guess your e-mail address automatically
    - added 'mx' get/set method -- specifies the MX's for -- you
      really shouldn't need to use this unless the hardcoded MX's have
      become wrong and you don't have Net::DNS installed
    - the constructor now takes named parameters
    - we now use Net::DNS to get MX's if Net::DNS is available
    - we now use Net::Domain to better auto-guess the reporter's email address
    - we now use Mail::Send to send reports, if it's available
    - now cycles through all available MX servers, when using Net::SMTP
    - added bin/cpantest
    - T::R now allows testers to edit the report interactively via the
      edit_comments() method
    - T::R report's have been made less susceptible to being marked as spam
    - "can't call method "mail" on an undefined value" bug fixed
    - doubled the number of tests
    - memoized certain methods
    - bundling Date::Format and Time::Zone to assist in SMTP sends (for 'Date')
    - bundling an updated Mail::Util

1.13  Sun Aug 12 03:20:08 2002
    - initial beta release