Revision history for Perl extension File::Remove.

0.21 Tue Jul 20 10:17:00 2004
    - Converted the internals to File::Spec. (Richard Soderberg)

0.20 Tue Apr 15 23:34:25 1998
    - Now you can pass a scalar reference as the first argument and it
      will used as the recursive flag when removing directories.  With
      recursive flag set to 0 only the files in the directory are
      removed and no attempt is made to recurse into subdirectories.
      Nevertheless, if the directory becomes empty it is removed.

0.12 Tue Apr 14 15:50:56 1998
    - change the umask and set the permission on directories so we can
      remove the files

0.11 Mon Apr 13 16:37:30 1998
    - changed the return values to successes rather than failures since
      it makes more sense.

0.10  Fri Apr 10 22:32:13 EDT 1998
    - original version