Revision history for Perl extension Tree::Simple::VisitorFactory:

0.16  2021-02-02T13:00:00
	- Add t/00.*.
	- Update Makefile.PL and POD to change RT to github.

0.15  2016-05-04T08;15:00
	- Correct physical address of Free Software Foundation in LICENSE file. See RT#114149.
		Thanx to Petr Pisar.

0.14  2016-04-27T17:35:00
	- No code changes.
	- Adopt workflow techniques suggested by Kent Fredric. This means a cleaner workdir and a
		much more reliable dist. The latter now has auto-generated MANIFEST and META.* files.

0.13  2016-04-25T09:26:00
	- No code changes.
	- Delete Build.PL.
	- Fix my licence (sic) mess so all references are to Perl. This involves edits to Makefile.PL
		and LICENSE. See RT#113949. Thanx Kent Fredric.
	- Fix Makefile.PL so modules only used for testing are in TEST_REQUIRES and not PREREQ_PM.
		See RT#113948. Thanx Kent Fredric.
	- Fix README so it more-or-less conforms to the Perl Foundation's guidelines at

0.12  2013-11-01T09:23:00
	- Update pre-reqs.
	- Many, many doc typo fixes via github from dsteinbrunner.
	- Add repos to Build.PL and Makefile.PL.

0.11  2013-09-23T11:07:00
	- Maintenance now by Ron Savage.
	- Rectify datestamp format in this file.
	- Add Changelog.ini.
	- Add Build.PL.
	- Clean up Makefile.PL.
	- RT#40504: Add META.*.

0.10  2005-11-25T12:00:00
    - removing OS X resource fork files which are causeing
      the pod test to fail

0.09  2005-11-07T12:00:00
    - fixing an error in the Tree::Simple::Visitor::LoadDirectoryTree test

0.08  2005-07-18T12:00:00
    - small bug fix in Tree::Simple::Visitor::VariableDepthClone visitor
    - small bug fix with Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByPath visitor

0.07  2005-07-18T12:00:00
    - forgot to implement the node filter in the
      Tree::Simple::Visitor::VariableDepthClone visitor
        - added this code and tested it

0.06  2005-07-13T12:00:00
    - added Tree::Simple::Visitor::VariableDepthClone
        - added tests and docs for this
        - bumped up the Tree::Simple version requirement to
          support this new Visitor

0.05  2004-11-18T12:00:00
    - now using Scalar::Util::blessed() instead of
      the convoluted UNIVERSAL::isa() stuff.
      - added Scalar::Util as a dependency

0.04  2004-10-27T12:00:00
    - fixed broken test (70_Tree_Simple_Visitor_LoadDirectoryTree_test.t)
      it made assumptions about directory ordering across OSes which was
      not correct.
    - added Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByNodeValue
        - added tests for this
        - added docs for this

0.03  2004-10-12T12:00:00
	- fixed documentation in Tree::Simple::Visitor::Sort
    - added Tree::Simple::Visitor::LoadClassHierarchy
        - added tests for this
        - added docs for this
    - changed behavior in Tree::Simple::FromNestedHash
      so that it sorts the hash keys before they are put
      into the tree

0.02  2004-09-29T12:00:00
    - changed all Visitors to use 'base' for
      inheritance, it just cuts down on the
      line noise.
    - improved the documentation in
      Tree::Simple::VisitorFactory to include
      a categorized list of available visitors
    - added Tree::Simple::Visitor::LoadDirectoryTree Visitor
        - added tests for this
    - added Tree::Simple::Visitor::CreateDirectoryTree Visitor
        - added tests for this
    - added Tree::Simple::Visitor::FindByUID Visitor
        - added tests for this
        - thanks to Vitor Mori for the idea for this Visitor
    - added Tree::Simple::Visitor::PreOrderTraversal Visitor
        - added tests for this
    - added Tree::Simple::Visitor::Sort Visitor
        - added tests for this
        - thanks to Vitor Mori for most of the code and
          the idea for this Visitor
    - added Tree::Simple::FromNestedArray, Tree::Simple::FromNestedHash
      and their compliments Tree::Simple::ToNestedArray and
        - added tests for these
    - added the pod.t and pod_coverage.t tests

0.01  2004-06-23T09:24:07
    - module created