Changelog.Creator=Module::Metadata::Changes V 2.11
Changelog.Parser=Config::IniFiles V 2.88

[V 2.01]
Comments= <<EOT
- Stop using Test::Stream. Use Test::More shipped in the Test::Simple distro.
- Adopt new repo structure. For details, see
This involves changing the licence from Artistic to Perl.
- Update .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP.
- Move various modules to TEST_REQUIRES within Makefile.PL.
- Update version #s in pre-reqs.

[V 2.00]
Comments= <<EOT
- Add github repo https://github.com/ronsavage/Set-FA.
- Switch from Hash::FieldHash to Moo. This means no more method chaining.
- Switch from Test::More to Test::Stream.
- Add repo to Makefile.PL and docs.
- Update pre-reqs in Makefie.PL.
- Move t/pod.t into xt/author/.
- Add Set::FA::Element.maxlevel() and Set::FA::Element.minlevel().
- Remove Set::FA.clone() and Set::FA::Element.clone().
- Remove Set::FA::Element.verbose().
- Set default logger to Log::Handler. Also, re-write log() so that default messages no longer
have the prefix of "$level: ".
- Add 'use strict;' and 'use warnings;' to t/*.t.
- Extract Set::FA's synopsis as scripts/synopsis.1.pl and Set::FA::Element's as
- Delete Build.PL.
- Update MANIFEST.
- Rename CHANGES to Changes as per CPAN::Spec::Changes
- Reformat dates in this file from 'Sun Jul 17 12:40:00 2011' to '2011-07-17T12:40:00'.
- Reformat *.pm and this file to have lines no more than 100 chars wide.

[V 1.08]
Comments=- Document the Set::FA::Element::report() method. Patch t/report.t to match.

[V 1.07]
Comments= <<EOT
- No code changes.
- Update the docs to properly reflect the change to the log() method done in V 1.06.

[V 1.06]
Comments= <<EOT
- When stuck in a loop, log the next 5 chars - if any - in hex before dying.
- Change the log() method in Set::FA::Element to always call die when level is 'error', and
not just when there is no logger. This allows us to pass in a logger and get (debug) output
even when the code dies.

[V 1.05]
Comments= <<EOT
- Change the type of the log message (Stepped from old_state to new_state...) in step_state()
from warning to info. This transition is just a statement of fact, not something that you
need to be warned about.
- Change the log() method in Set::FA::Element. It used to call
$self -> logger -> log($level => $message),
and now calls $self -> logger -> $level($message). I feel the original way was a mistake,
since it forced the caller's logger to have a log() method.
- Patch various parts of the POD to reflect this change in logging.

[V 1.04]
Comments= <<EOT
- Allow the actions parameter to Set::FA::Element.new() to have values which are arrayrefs,
so you can pass in something like entry => [\&fn, 'fn_name']. The 2nd element is printed by

[V 1.03]
Comments=- Add next state to the output of report().

[V 1.02]
Comments= <<EOT
- Fix bug in Set::FA::Element.report(). Code called $self -> logger($level => $message)
instead of $self -> logger -> log($level => $message).

[V 1.01]
Comments= <<EOT
- Add Mark Rogaski's name to the Author section, not just the Credit section, of each POD.
- Change Set::FA::Element's report() to output at log level info, rather than debug.
The first line of output, 'Entered report()', is still at level debug, the same as all
other method entry messages. It's just the body of the report at level info.
This means you can now get the report without triggering all debug messages.
Patch t/report.t to match.

[V 1.00]
Comments= <<EOT
- Co-maint is now with Ron Savage, who will do all future development, starting with this version.
- Rewrite Set::FA::Element to use getters/setters via Hash::FieldHash, rather than use direct
access to the underlying hash.
- Change some parameters to Set::FA::Element.new(). See docs for details:
o accept is now called accepting, since accept() is a method.
o die_on_loop is a new option.
o logger is a log object of some sort. I prefer Log::Handler. Log::Agent is not supported.
o start is a new option.
o states is not supported. The list of states in the transitions parameter is used instead.
o Add (within the code) parentheses to the regexp parameter in the transitions option, if
it's not a coderef, to support the match() method.
o verbose is a new option.
- New methods for Set::FA::Element:
o build_stt.
o current().
o data().
o die_on_loop().
o id().
o log().
o logger().
o match().
o report().
o start().
o validate().
o verbose().
- Set::FA got a fresh paint job, too, but since it's parent is Set::Object, Hash::FieldHash was not
- Rewrite the documentation.
- Add Build.PL.
- Clean up Makefile.PL.

[V 0.91]
Comments= <<EOT
- Added unified representation for transition rules.
- Rewrote clone() with a recursive deep copy.

[V 0.90]
Comments=- Initial release.