use utf8;

package SemanticWeb::Schema::GeoShape;

# ABSTRACT: The geographic shape of a place

use Moo;

extends qw/ SemanticWeb::Schema::StructuredValue /;

use MooX::JSON_LD 'GeoShape';
use Ref::Util qw/ is_plain_hashref /;

use namespace::autoclean;

our $VERSION = 'v11.01.0';

has address => (
    is        => 'rw',
    predicate => '_has_address',
    json_ld   => 'address',

has address_country => (
    is        => 'rw',
    predicate => '_has_address_country',
    json_ld   => 'addressCountry',

has box => (
    is        => 'rw',
    predicate => '_has_box',
    json_ld   => 'box',

has circle => (
    is        => 'rw',
    predicate => '_has_circle',
    json_ld   => 'circle',

has elevation => (
    is        => 'rw',
    predicate => '_has_elevation',
    json_ld   => 'elevation',

has line => (
    is        => 'rw',
    predicate => '_has_line',
    json_ld   => 'line',

has polygon => (
    is        => 'rw',
    predicate => '_has_polygon',
    json_ld   => 'polygon',

has postal_code => (
    is        => 'rw',
    predicate => '_has_postal_code',
    json_ld   => 'postalCode',




=encoding UTF-8

=head1 NAME

SemanticWeb::Schema::GeoShape - The geographic shape of a place

=head1 VERSION

version v11.01.0


The geographic shape of a place. A GeoShape can be described using several
properties whose values are based on latitude/longitude pairs. Either
whitespace or commas can be used to separate latitude and longitude;
whitespace should be used when writing a list of several such points.


=head2 C<address>

Physical address of the item.

A address should be one of the following types:


=item C<InstanceOf['SemanticWeb::Schema::PostalAddress']>

=item C<Str>


=head2 C<_has_address>

A predicate for the L</address> attribute.

=head2 C<address_country>


The country. For example, USA. You can also provide the two-letter [ISO
3166-1 alpha-2 country code](

A address_country should be one of the following types:


=item C<InstanceOf['SemanticWeb::Schema::Country']>

=item C<Str>


=head2 C<_has_address_country>

A predicate for the L</address_country> attribute.

=head2 C<box>

A box is the area enclosed by the rectangle formed by two points. The first
point is the lower corner, the second point is the upper corner. A box is
expressed as two points separated by a space character.

A box should be one of the following types:


=item C<Str>


=head2 C<_has_box>

A predicate for the L</box> attribute.

=head2 C<circle>

A circle is the circular region of a specified radius centered at a
specified latitude and longitude. A circle is expressed as a pair followed
by a radius in meters.

A circle should be one of the following types:


=item C<Str>


=head2 C<_has_circle>

A predicate for the L</circle> attribute.

=head2 C<elevation>

The elevation of a location ([WGS
84]( Values may be of
the form 'NUMBER UNIT_OF_MEASUREMENT' (e.g., '1,000 m', '3,200 ft') while
numbers alone should be assumed to be a value in meters.

A elevation should be one of the following types:


=item C<Num>

=item C<Str>


=head2 C<_has_elevation>

A predicate for the L</elevation> attribute.

=head2 C<line>

A line is a point-to-point path consisting of two or more points. A line is
expressed as a series of two or more point objects separated by space.

A line should be one of the following types:


=item C<Str>


=head2 C<_has_line>

A predicate for the L</line> attribute.

=head2 C<polygon>

A polygon is the area enclosed by a point-to-point path for which the
starting and ending points are the same. A polygon is expressed as a series
of four or more space delimited points where the first and final points are

A polygon should be one of the following types:


=item C<Str>


=head2 C<_has_polygon>

A predicate for the L</polygon> attribute.

=head2 C<postal_code>


The postal code. For example, 94043.

A postal_code should be one of the following types:


=item C<Str>


=head2 C<_has_postal_code>

A predicate for the L</postal_code> attribute.

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=head1 AUTHOR

Robert Rothenberg <>


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