Revision history for JavaScript-Const-Exporter

v0.1.4    2020-12-17 22:21:26+00:00 Europe/London
  - Added more tests.

  - Specified an appropriate minimum versions of various testing modules.

v0.1.3    2020-12-17 15:59:13+00:00 Europe/London
  [Bug Fixes]
  - Specify minimum versions of Moo and Sub::Identify.

v0.1.2    2020-12-17 14:04:58+00:00 Europe/London
  - Emit a warning when coderef constants are not actually constants.

  - Fixed test that used Const::Exporter.

v0.1.1    2020-12-16 21:28:48+00:00 Europe/London
  - Added recommended prereqs.

  - Fixed test that was supposed to skip when Const::Fast::Exporter
    was not installed.

  - Fixed incorrect keywords in distribution metadata.

v0.1.0    2020-12-16 17:45:07+00:00 Europe/London
  - Initial version released.