Revision history for HTML-DeferableCSS:

v0.4.2    2020-07-31 14:19:08+01:00 Europe/London
  - Add core modules in the prerequisites.

v0.4.1    2020-06-08 12:48:51+01:00 Europe/London
  - Added note when simple attribute was added.

v0.4.0    2020-05-29 23:34:41+01:00 Europe/London
  - Added simple mode option to use a simpler method without the
    loadCSS shim.

v0.3.2    2020-03-12 13:52:53+00:00 Europe/London
  - Added note about Content-Security-Policy (CSP) to KNOWN ISSUES.

v0.3.1    2020-02-24 15:14:09+00:00 Europe/London
  - Setting an alias to an undef value now means the stylesheet will
    be ignored instead of throwing an error.

v0.3.0    2020-02-22 14:41:19+00:00 Europe/London
  - Added check method as a wrapper around lazy attributes, but also
    to perform additional error checking.

  - Added more notes about where the JavaScript comes from.

  - Added acknowledgement to Science Photo Library.

  - Fixed minor POD errors.

v0.2.3    2020-02-21 13:50:19+00:00 Europe/London
  - Added the ability to override error/warning behaviour.

  [Bug Fixes]
  - css_files will not fail if prefer_min is false but there is only a
    minimised version of the file.

  - Fixed typos in Changes.

v0.2.2    2020-02-21 10:17:42+00:00 Europe/London
  [Bug Fixes]
  - link_or_inline_html actually handles multiple aliases.

v0.2.1    2020-02-21 09:05:29+00:00 Europe/London
  - aliases can accept an array reference.

  - Return empty string for 0-byte files instead of empty style
    element, but warn.

  [Bug Fixes]
  - If an alias points to a URI, then link_or_inline_html and
    deferred_link_html will return the link_html.

  - link_or_inline_html didn't skip duplicate aliases.

  [Build Fixes]
  - Added minimum version of Test::Deep for tests.

  - Added more examples to POD.

v0.2.0    2020-02-20 17:37:47+00:00 Europe/London
  - Allows "1" as an alias when the filename is the same as the name.
    (You can use "1.css" if that is the name of the file.)

  - False ("0", "" or undef) aliases are ignored. (You can use "0.css"
    if that is the name of the file.)

  - link_or_inline_html can accept a list of aliases.

  [Bug Fixes]
  - Use the dist_share instead of the module_share. (Basically,
    defer_link_html did not work outside of tests.)

  [Build Fixes]
  - Added explicit minimum version of Moo.

  - Reorganised Changes file.

v0.1.2    2020-02-19 21:38:14+00:00 Europe/London
  - Use strings instead of Path::Tiny or URI objects, since only the
    string was needed. (This removes the need for some prereqs.)

  [Build Fixes]
  - Added explicit minimum version of File::ShareDir to the module.

  - Added explicit minimum version of List::Util to the module.

  - Improved the DESCRIPTION section of the module.

  - Added note about "deferrable".

  - Fixed POD error.

  - Removed trailing whitespace and tabs from sample files used for

  - Fixed typo in module metadata.

  - Added author test for POD links.

  - Added author test for trailing whitespace.

  - Added author test for tabs.

v0.1.1    2020-02-19 08:26:12+00:00 Europe/London
  - Changed licence to MIT for compatability with included JavaScript.

v0.1.0    2020-02-19 00:34:23+00:00 Europe/London
  - Initial version released.