podlators To-Do List

This is a somewhat random and unordered list of things I'd like to see
fixed or improved, but which I've not yet had a chance to do.  Patches for
any of the following are very much welcome.

 * Escape all hyphens in the text of L<some-command> links.

 * Add a =for license stanza that takes license text and embeds it as a
   *roff comment.

 * Abstract the shared code between Pod::Man and Pod::Text to a new
   Pod::Simple inheritance layer that both modules can use.

 * Suppress the URL for L<|> if the link is just the anchor part of the
   tag with mailto: added to the front.  Also strip the mailto: part if
   there is no anchor text.

 * Add a test suite for the pod2man and pod2text driver programs.

 * Update coding style to my current standards.

 * Optionally suppress the generation of empty man pages in Pod::Man.