User-Visible Net::Duo Changes

Net::Duo 1.02 (2019-03-06)

    Add basic support for paginated queries via a new call_json_paged()
    method in Net::Duo.  Enable that support for the users() and
    integrations() methods in Net::Duo::Admin in advance of the March 15,
    2019 deadline for the Duo API change requiring paginated calls.  This
    support makes repeated calls until all objects have been returned and
    doesn't expose the pagination to the caller.  (#127964)

    Change documentation URLs to point to instead of, following upstream redirects.  Remove the reference
    to the Verify API, which no longer appears to be a separate API.

    Update to rra-c-util 8.0:

    * Add SPDX-License-Identifier information to imported files.
    * Fix some formatting issues with latest perltidy.
    * Exclude more files from strictness checks.

Net::Duo 1.01 (2015-08-16)

    Adjust for an incompatible change in JSON::XS 3.0 that broke magical
    interpretation of the strings "true" and "false" when encoding JSON.
    Use JSON::true and JSON::false instead to ensure that the JSON is
    created properly.

Net::Duo 1.00 (2014-07-11)

    Initial release with support for generic API calls (both with or
    without JSON responses) and partial implementations of the Auth and
    Admin APIs.