Revision history for Data-Serializer-Sereal
1.05    2014-08-08 16:27
        Do not initialize the global ENCODER/DECODER
        Verify if the provided encoder/decoder are valid before using it
        Added test for thread support

1.04    2014-07-30 16:27
        If the default global ENCODER/DECODER are undef the reset them 
        Add thread support

1.03    2014-07-24 15:34
        Removed Sereal as a dependency
        Added Sereal::Encoder and Sereal::Decoder as dependencies
        Use Sereal::Encoder and Sereal::Decoder directly instead of wrapper module Sereal

1.02    2014-07-17 22:12
        Issue with Sereal encoder/decoder not being properly extracted from options
        updated tests

1.01    2014-07-7 12:51
        Added Sereal and Data::Serializer as dependencies
        Added git repo for Metadata 

1.00    2014-07-7 12:00
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.