set display eval {concise|ddp|dumper|tidy [printer options]}

Set how you want evaluation results to be shown.

Devel::Trepan relegates how Perl the contents of expressions variables are displayed to one of the many Perl modules designed for this purpose. Below is a list of the option name and the corresponding Perl module that gets used for that option. Note: the order given is the order tried by default on startup.

See the respective display manual pages for how to influence display for a given module.


    set display eval dumper
    set display eval ddp  # works only if Data::Printer is around
    set display eval ddp { colored => 0 }
    set display eval tidy    # works if Data::Dumper::Perltidy is around
    set display eval tidy -nst -mbl=2 -pt=0 -nola

See also:

show display eval, eval, set auto eval, Data::Dumper::Perltidy, and Data::Printer.