backtrace [options] [count]

Print backtrace of all stack frames, or innermost *count* frames.

With a negative argument, print outermost -count frames.

In the listing produced, an arrow, -->, indicates the 'current frame'. The current frame determines the context used for many debugger commands such as source-line listing (list) or the edit command.

optionss are:

   -d | --deparse - show deparsed call position
   -s | --source  - show source code line
   -f | --full    - locals of each frame
   -h | --help    - give this help


   backtrace      # Print a full stack trace
   backtrace 2    # Print only the top two entries
   backtrace -1   # Print a stack trace except the initial (least recent) call.
   backtrace -s   # show source lines in listing
   backtrace -d   # show deparsed source lines in listing
   backtrace -f   # show with locals
   backtrace -df  # show with deparsed calls and locals
   backtrace --deparse --full   # same as above

See also:

up, down, and frame,