Revision history for XML-Rabbit

0.4.1     2015-09-18 15:45:02+02:00 Europe/Oslo
        Replaced Class::MOP::class_of() calls with Moose::Util::find_meta().
        Added huge => 1 parameter to LibXML DOM parser, to support large
          text nodes.

0.4.0     2013-11-29 11:18:57 Europe/Oslo
        Fixed RT#90975 (reported by Upasana Shukla)
            Replaced deprecated Class::MOP::load_class() with
            Class::Load::load_class(). Module::Runtime::require_module()
            couldn't be used because of tests with package definitions in
            BEGIN blocks.

0.3.0     2013-03-15 15:24:53 Europe/Oslo
        Gotten rid of Data::Visitor::Callback used to parse type
          constraints. Reported by Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior
          (RT #81753). Solution contributed by chromatic.

0.2.1     2012-12-02 17:44:34 Europe/Oslo
        Updated all traits to use Moose::Util::meta_attribute_alias()
          to specify trait aliases. Requires at least Moose 0.89.
        Fixed bug with duplicate class names being returned by
          Data::Visitor::Callback when traversing a Moose type constraint
          on perl 5.17.6. Reported by Andreas J. K├Ânig. (RT #81519)

0.1.1     2011-10-23 14:56:18 Europe/Oslo
        Fixed bug with has_xpath_value_map throwing exception if
          xpath_value query returns empty result set. (RT #71815)
          Reported by Jeffery M. Thompson.

0.1.0     2011-09-27 14:46:03 Europe/Oslo
        Added multiple helper/sugar functions. (GitHub #2)
        Fixed problem with XML::Rabbit::Role::Node->dump_xml() throwing
          exception because of wide characters in print.

0.0.4     2011-03-22 16:16:02 Europe/Oslo
        Fixed missing trait imports in XML::Rabbit::Role::Node.

0.0.3     2010-09-16 20:51:06 Europe/Oslo
        Fixed RT #61367 which caused issue with Class::MOP 1.05+ / Moose
        1.10+ (Thanks to Jesse Luehrs)

0.0.2     2010-07-04 14:08:44 Europe/Oslo
        libxml 2.6.16 is incompatible (David Cantrell)

0.0.1     2010-06-13 13:28:50 Europe/Oslo
        Initial version.