0.12 2020-01-09
  - Fix a crash in debug mode when trying to dump undefined values.
  - When using `Mojo::UserAgent` and in debug mode, print out the real reason of failure when a
    connection fails due to a proxy error. Before, only an opaque "Proxy connection error" would
    have been returned. See issue #29.
0.11 2019-01-07
  - Replace deprecated calls to Mojo::Transaction::success with Mojo::Transaction::error.
    See issue #28. Thanks @huckeduster!
0.10 2018-02-05
  - Wrap calls to JSON::MaybeXS::encode_json() with parentheses. This fixes recent test failures.
    Sorry everybody, and thanks Flavio (@polettix)!
0.09 2017-10-10
  - Fix error messages containing "at" being incorrectly parsed by `parse_error`. See issue #19.
    Thanks Thomas!
0.08 2017-02-13
  - Handle plain text error messages returned by old versions of Mojolicious. See issue #16.
  - Add a note in the documentation about how important is to reuse objects and the undefined
    behavior that happens with asynchronous requests when that rule is not honoured. See issue #13.
0.07 2016-08-23
  - Don't encode to UTF-8 when JSON::MaybeXS takes care of it.
0.06 2016-08-21
  - Fix a critical encoding issue involving LWP, file uploads and UTF-8 fields.
0.05 2016-08-21
  - Fix compatibility with older Perls.
  - Improve debugging output.
0.04 2016-08-08
  - Major change to how requests are handled. Every request is now sent using `application/json`
    by default, except when uploading, where `multipart/form-data` is used instead.
    This has the benefit of allowing the usage of complex objects with zero effort.
    It *should not* be a breaking change (except if dealing with the internals of this module).
  - Implement `parse_error`. This new method allows to parse errors and obtain information about
    them, such as their source or code. Please see the updated documentation.
  - Asynchronous callbacks are no more mandatory when async mode is enabled. When the callback is
    missing, requests are simply executed synchronously.
0.03 2015-10-31
  - Happy Halloween!
  - Add new debugging mode, enabled by setting the `TELEGRAM_BOTAPI_DEBUG` environment variable
    to a true value.
  - `api_request` now dies when, in the response, `ok` is missing or set to a false value.
    This means that `undef` can no longer be returned.
    Consequently, error messages returned from Telegram - when available - are now shown when
    dying (instead of showing just the HTTP response code).
  - Several improvements to the documentation and the code.
0.02 2015-09-02
  - DESTROY is not handled by AUTOLOAD anymore.
  - Now using `Carp::confess` instead of `die` for server-side errors.
  - The documentation now has more examples.
0.01 2015-06-28
  - First release.