use strict;
use warnings;

# this is for people who don't want Test::Builder to be loaded but want to
# use eq_deeply. It's a bit hacky...

package Test::Deep::NoTest;

our $NoTest;

  local $NoTest = 1;
  require Test::Deep;

sub import {
  my $import = Test::Deep->can("import");
  # make the stack look like it should for use Test::Deep
  my $pkg = shift;
  unshift(@_, "Test::Deep");
  push @_, '_notest';
  goto &$import;


=head1 NAME

Test::Deep::NoTest - Use Test::Deep outside of the testing framework


  use Test::Deep::NoTest;

  if (eq_deeply($a, $b)) {
    print "they were deeply equal\n";


This exports all the same things as Test::Deep but it does not load
Test::Builder so it can be used in ordinary non-test situations.