Mail::Audit Troubleshooting FAQ

    Simon Cozens

1) What do I need to do to get my Mail::Audit script installed and
reading mail?

This depends a little on your MTA - that's the software that delivers
the mail on your server. If you're using exim or sendmail, you should
be able to just pop


into a file called ".forward" in your home directory. (Assuming your
filter is called "", placed in your home directory, starts
"#!/usr/bin/perl" or wherever Perl is, and is executable.)

For qmail, the magic words

    preline ~/

in a file called ".qmail" will do the trick.

2) Sendmail is bouncing mail when I put the above in my .forward

This is usually due to something called the Sendmail Restricted Shell
(smrsh), which restricts the types of program that can execute in a
.forward file. See the Procmail FAQ
( for
details about what this is and how to circumvent it.

If you just want to hack it, install procmail, and arrange for procmail
to pipe to your program.

3) I'm using fetchmail.

Don't do that, it's slow. Use popread instead. Doesn't work for IMAP
yet, though.

4) It still doesn't work.

First, see if you can get procmail working instead. If procmail won't
work, it's not a Mail::Audit problem. If procmail works, try a very,
very simple Mail::Audit script. Something just like
    use Mail::Audit;
If that works, does your script compile? What happens if you run it
under "perl -c"? Turn on logging - is the Mail::Audit script even being
called? Is the mail bouncing? Does the bounce tell you anything useful?

5) It STILL doesn't work.

OK. Time to mail me. Send me a copy of your Mail::Audit script, the
answers to the questions above, the bounce if there is one, and
information about what MTA you are using. I'll try and figure out what's
going on.