App::Addex::Output::Mutt - generate mutt configuration from an address book


version 0.027


This plugin produces a file that contains a list of alias lines. The first email address for each entry will be aliased to the entry's aliasified nickname and name. Every other address will be aliased to one of those with an appended, incrementing counter. The entry's name is added as the alias's "real name."

If the entry has a "folder" value (given as a line in the card's "notes" that looks like "folder: value") a save-hook is created to save mail from the entry to that folder and a mailboxes line is created for the folder. If the entry has a "sig" value, a send-hook is created to use that signature when composing a message to the entry.


This module has the same support period as perl itself: it supports the two most recent versions of perl. (That is, if the most recently released version is v5.40, then this module should work on both v5.40 and v5.38.)

Although it may work on older versions of perl, no guarantee is made that the minimum required version will not be increased. The version may be increased for any reason, and there is no promise that patches will be accepted to lower the minimum required perl.



  $mutt_outputter->process_entry($addex, $entry);

This method does the actual writing of configuration to the file.


The valid configuration parameters for this plugin are:

  filename  - the filename to which to write the Mutt configuration

  unidecode - if set (to 1) this will transliterate all aliases to ascii before
              adding them to the file


Ricardo SIGNES <>


This software is copyright (c) 2006 by Ricardo SIGNES.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.