Revision history for App-Addex

0.027     2021-06-19 13:28:38-04:00 America/New_York
        - update author contact info
        - add perl-support section

0.026     2014-03-31 21:41:23-04:00 America/New_York
        - use phrase/addr-spec output for muttrc instead of comment form
          (recent mutts seem to use comments if you use parents in muttrc
          aliases, which is no good)

0.025     2013-10-24 22:34:16 America/New_York
          fix a bunch of duplicated documentation

0.024     2013-07-23 11:21:27 America/Los_Angeles
          fix a boneheaded precedence error in the Mutt plugin; thanks, Reini

          repackage with Dist::Zilla

0.023     2012-02-27
          sort entries before processing

0.022     2010-06-13
          updated for new Config::MVP

0.021     2009-07-27
0.020     2009-07-27
          updated for new Config::MVP

0.019     2009-01-16
          update packaging a bit

0.018     2008-06-22
          make ->entries a delegated method
          make Output::Mutt not give (name) for groups; mutt pukes

0.017     2008-05-29
          most of Config has been refactored to Config::INI::MVP::Reader
          use that!

0.016     2008-04-13
          fix missing prereq

0.015     2008-04-12
          Output::ToFile now opens output filehandles to write utf8
          add unidecode option for Output::Mutt
          output all label/alias combinations for Output::Mutt

0.014     2008-02-17
          AddressBook objects can now refer back to the App::Addex object
          experimental "plugin" classes

          EmailAddress objects may be "send" or "receive" or both now

0.013     2007-12-17
          declare that we require 5.008; easier than fixing tests, but patches
            welcome, I guess

0.012     2007-11-12
          stop brokenly reaching into guts of Config::INI::Reader object
            (thanks, JCAP!)
          remove spurious 'use' statement in addex program

0.011     2007-11-11
          use Mixin::ExtraFields::Param for ->field method (dogfood!)
          remove spurious Mac::Glue prereq

0.010     2007-11-05
          add base Output class to make future expansion easier
          add finalize output method
          suppress some warnings during testing

0.009     2007-10-24
          upgrade Module::Install

0.008     2007-05-11
          wrote tests for just about everything
          fix mutt labels to start at with 1 after the first of each label

0.007     2007-05-11
          mutt output includes address labels in aliases if available

0.006     2007-05-10
          introduce App::Addex::Config, making config files much easier

0.005     2007-05-09
          fixed a really stupid, broken test

0.004     2007-05-09
          ensure that new plugins are getting hashref args

0.003     2007-05-05
          change procmail output to use . for folder paths

0.001     2007-03-21
          first release