Revision history for WebService::HabitRPG

0.30      2017-09-02 10:50:39-05:00 America/Chicago

0.29      2017-05-26 22:24:33-05:00 America/Chicago
    * Abandon JSON::Any in favor of JSON::MaybeXS.

0.28      2016-07-07 08:19:39-05:00 America/Chicago

0.27      2016-06-25 09:28:55-05:00 America/Chicago (TRIAL RELEASE)
    * Bumped up to v3 API.  The v3 API should work exactly
      the same as before, except when querying tasks by
      type, a plural form of the type (ie. dailys, not
      daily) must now be used.  Singular forms will be
      supported through the module over the next release
      or so, but a warning will occur.

0.26      2016-04-04 19:39:31-05:00 America/Chicago
    * BUGFIX: Fix off-by-one errors for daily repeats

0.25      2016-03-30 22:48:56-05:00 America/Chicago

    * BUGFIX: Use new v2 API URL instead of (now broken) v1 one

    * BUGFIX: Fix day of the week in certain time zones

    * TESTS: Fix time zone bug for tests

0.24      2015-11-29 15:31:54-06:00 America/Chicago

    * TESTS: Make sure tests pass under Cpanel::JSON::XS

    * DOCUMENTATION: Mention Habitica in the main POD

0.23      2015-10-28 07:38:27-05:00 America/Chicago

    * BUGFIX: Task::active_today returns true when used on
              called on a task that repeats over an
              interval (GH #35).

    * FEATURE: A task's streak is now available via an
               accessor (GH #36).

0.22      2014-05-20 12:21:42+10:00 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX:   _get_tasks() with a single task ID no longer
                produces a 'Not an ARRAY reference' error.

    * BUGFIX:   Fewer experimental warnings about given/when on
                more recent perls (Courtesy Rob Hoelz in GH #34)

    * TESTS:    Disabled a bit-rotted live test in t/99_online.t

0.21      2013-09-13 19:47:58 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE:  _get_tasks() now sorts by task type (todo/daily/etc).
                This emulates the behaviour provided by the older
                HabitRPG server codebase.

0.20      2013-08-14 13:37:36 PST8PDT

    * DEBUG:    Settng HRPG_DEBUG=1 in the environment now shows
                arguments used to construct a task, *before* that
                task is actually constructed.

0.19      2013-05-08 15:31:02 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE:  `hrpg tasks` and `hrpg [daily|todo|habit]` now support
                an optional search parameter.

    * FEATURE:  Experimental tag support. Add a [tags] section to your
                ~/.habitrpgrc file with tag => uuid pairs. All searches
                starting with a '^' will match all tasks with that
                tag.  (Eg: `hrpg daily ^home`)

    * FEATURE:  Experimental tag prefix support. Add a [config]
                section to your ~/.habitrpg file and a
                `tag_prefix = whatever` section if you don't like the
                default tag character of '^'.

0.18      2013-04-29 14:52:14 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX:   Detect drops from upstream and direct user to web
                interface. Kludges GH #32 and lefnire/habitrpg#815 .

    * BUILD:    New dependency: Try::Tiny.

    * FEATURE:  `hrpg help` now provides a help screen.

0.17      2013-04-10 22:08:08 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUILD:    Make sure Mozilla::CA certs are installed in case
                LWP::UserAgent can't/won't find the system

    * BUGFIX:   The value parameter when creating new tasks
                is no longer ignored. GH #31, thanks @toddgrotenhuis

    * DOCS:     Fix install instructions in hrpg. Closes GH #29

0.16      2013-04-09 15:18:22 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX:   Task ids are now once properly shown when a command
                is unsure which task you're referring to.

0.15      2013-04-09 04:53:30 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUILD:    No longer falsely require WS::Idonethis.
                (Thanks @wizonesolutions)

    * FEATURE:  Added a simple 'hrpg version' command.

    * INTERNAL: Tasks are now fully fledged objects.

    * TEST:     More tests for tasks.

    * FEATURE:  Passing a 'keep_alive' parameter to
                WS::HRPG->new will allow the LWP::UserAgent
                keep-alive behaviour to be specified.

    * CONFIG:   You can now set keep_alive = 0 in the
                [connection] section of ~/.habitrpgrc to
                disable keep-alives.  GH #25

    * DEBUG:    Set environment HRPG_DEBUG=1 for debugging.

    * BUGFIX:   Detect and skip undef/null values returned by
                the /task endpoint.  GH #27

0.14      2013-04-06 16:58:45 Australia/Melbourne

    * OPTIMISE: Connections to the habitrpg server are now kept-alive
                for faster network ops.

0.13      2013-04-05 17:38:56 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE:  Allow +n and -n to update a habit multiple times.
                Eg `hrpg +2 pomodoro`. Thanks @claudinec (GH #24)

0.12      2013-04-03 00:46:02 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE:  Added hrpg support for unicode task names and input.
                (Now requires utf8::all)

    * BUGFIX:   Fixed bug where new_task() could fail when not
                supplied with an extend parameter.

0.11      2013-04-02 22:38:08 Australia/Melbourne

    * DOCS:    hrpg help screen now mentions history command
               (Thanks @claudinec, GH #20)

    * FEATURE: Added 'hrpg show' to give detailed stats about a task.

    * FEATURE: Added 'hrpg clear daily' to force unchecking of all daily
               tasks. This is useful if the web server fails to
               uncheck them, or if you never use the web version. (GH #16)

    * FEATURE: Added --beta switch to 'hrpg', which uses the beta API

    * FEATURE: Added --dev switch to 'hrpg', to use localhost:3000 .

    * FEATURE: WS::HRPG::new_task() supports the 'extend' parameter for
               setting extended attributes.

    * FEATURE: hrpg supports setting extended parameters on task creation.

    * FEATURE: EXPERIMENTAL: _update in WS::HRPG and hrpg. This uses the
               PUT API, and allows for setting arbitrary attributes via
               the API.

    * FEATURE: EXPERIMENTAL: [auth-beta] and [auth-dev] sections may be
               added to the ~/.habitrpgrc file, and their details will
               be used when using the --beta or --dev switches.

0.10      2013-03-27 15:54:27 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX:  'hrpg history' with no args gives a more useful error message.

0.09      2013-03-27 15:50:52 Australia/Melbourne

    * DOCS:    hrpg help screen now mentions `perldoc hrpg`.
    * DOCS:    Updated the help display for `hrpg +` (GH #9)
    * BUILD:   Explicitly require a Method::Signatures 20121201 or later.
    * FEATURE: search_tasks() now allows an 'all' argument.
    * FEATURE: hrpg now supports the 'history' command.

0.08      2013-03-24 14:58:01 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE: Current XP/HP/GP (with deltas) are shown when completing tasks with +/-

0.07      2013-03-23 16:22:16 Australia/Melbourne

    * DOCS:    Updated links from ->
    * BUGFIX:  Completed tasks are no longer considered for `hrpg +` (GH #6)

0.06      2013-03-23 10:11:49 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE: General beautification of hrpg output.
    * BUGFIX:  Fixed spurious 'comment ignored' message in hrpg.

0.05      2013-03-22 14:18:25 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE: Integration with WebService::Idonethis (GH #3)

0.04      2013-03-22 12:46:54 Australia/Melbourne

    * FEATURE: Can specify API base when creating objects.

    * FEATURE: hrpg will honour ENV{HRPG_API_BASE} if set.
               (For debugging lefnire/habitrpg#680)

    * FEATURE: `hrpg status` has a nicer gold display (GH #4, ta @taryneast)

0.03      2013-03-22 00:14:12 Australia/Melbourne

    * BUGFIX: `hrpg status` no longer displays a warning when
              it can't figure out the user's name (GH #1).

    * FEATURE: `hrpg status` will use the user's facebook name
               if available (GH #1). Thanks @oneandoneis2.

    * DOCUMENTATION: Install instructions for hrpg.

    * DOCUMENTATION: Fixed typo in (GH #3)
                     Thanks @taryneast.

0.02      2013-03-21 17:43:12 Australia/Melbourne

    * DOCUMENTATION: Added setup instructions to `hrpg`.

0.01      2013-03-21 17:36:52 Australia/Melbourne

    * First release!