Bug list for IO::Capture

1) Complains to STDERR if nothing captured  
	Thanks to Robb Canfield for the report  
	Fixed in 0.02
2) Documentation error  
	Thanks to Mike Castle  
	Fixed in .03
3) Line pointer wrong if read() is called in scalar context, 
   then called a 2nd time in scalar.
4) rt.cpan.org bug numbers 9483, and 7261.  printf not working
        Fixed in .04
5) IO::Capture::Stderr will capture messages from warn() in Perl 
   5.8 and higher, but not in lower than 5.8.  (This was the
   reason I added IO::Capture::ErrorMessages at the beginning.)
   Added a check and do:

        $SIG{__WARN__} = sub {print STDERR @_;} 

6) If $SIG{__WARN__} has a handler set by the program, in versions
   older that 5.8, the IO::Capture::Stderr will capture warn() text
   even without FORCE_CAPTURE_WARN being set.  Fixed in Version 0.05