Revision history for CPAN distribution Sys-Filesystem

1.408	2020-10-30
    - add correct (Apache 2.0) license to meta-data
    - re-release 1.407_001 without further changes

1.407_001	2020-09-29
    - improve distribution quality with new author tests
    - Cygwin: ensure "/" is returned (Fixes RT#102669), thanks to Christian
      Carey for reporting and providing the fix and to Christian Walde for
    - Fix minor typos in the POD (Thanks to Mohammad S Anwar)
    - Mention Sys::Filesystem::MountPoint (fixes RT#61988)

1.406 2014-05-13
    - always use global kernel mount table (/proc/mounts), not the process
    - add support for getting canonical device path
    - add support for package wide settings to tune Sys::Filesystem even
      when used indirectly

1.405 2013-10-28
    - Fix Mswin32 mounted/unmounted support (thanks to Christian "Mithaldu"
      Walde for remote testing support)
    - skip format test in case of unmounted device (unmounted devices might
      or might not know in before the fstype)
    - clean up basic tests and BAIL_OUT when unsupported environment

1.404 2013-10-26
    - move to Makefile.PL in favour of developer reqs
    - change required perl version to 5.8.1
    - rewrite core routines of Sys::Filesystem
    - don't search for Darwin tools in path, rely on some
      well known paths
    - general, minor code cleanup

1.403 2013-10-23
    - Honor PATH_FSTAB in the environment on a NetBSD system if present
      (Thanks to
    - try improve error handling on Darwin to avoid smoke errors
    - be noisy about where we're running on during tests
    - remove runtime recommends for author tests
    - bump required version of Module::Pluggable to avoid blead whining
    - include p5-toolchain gang recommended way to declare developer
    - use proper indenting for Changes

1.402 2013-09-24
    - remove Makefile.PL passthrough
    - don't prove whether Win32 is supported - we know it (should fix
      RT#88901 - thanks Michiel Beijen)
    - try to improve supported control
    - put Win32::DriveInfo into feature "Win32" (I'd like to get feedback
      whether it helps)

1.401 2013-09-08
    - Fix MacOS X / Darwin without diskutil
    - Changes reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

1.400 2013-09-03
    - Moving to GitHub for easier contributing
    - Pod typo / encoding fixes (rt#85898, rt#77699), thanks to Slaven
      Rezić, Andreas J. König and Gregor Herrmann
    - Fix MacOS X 10.8 (diskutil vs. disktool)
    - Update requirements / recommendations
    - Fix AIX (rt#79188) - thanks to David Lee
    - Fix Solaris debug leftover (rt#72717) - thanks to Kenneth Ölwing
    - Fix Tests (rt#62248) - thanks to Daphne Pfister
    - Fix configure_requires (rt#62249) - thanks to Daphne Pfister

1.30 2010-07-15
    - Fixing MSWin32

1.29 2010-07-02
    - Fixing MacOS X

1.28 2010-05-14
    - Adding more special file systems for Linux (looks in Linux soon
      everything is a file system), Fixes RT#55059 (Thanks to Reed Loden)
    - Improving documentation about selections in filesystems method,
    - Fixes RT#55058 (Thanks to Reed Loden)
    - Fixes RT#65504 (Thanks to Brett Gersekowski)
    - Improve MSWin32 support

1.27 2010-02-20
    - Fixing RT#54406 (patch from Robert Bohne with some modifications)
    - Fixing RT#54599 (patch from Jonathan Yu)
    - Fixing wrong dependencies detection on Windows
    - Fixing generic fstab/mnttab reading

1.26 2010-02-12
    - Adding more special file systems for Linux
    - Prefer /proc/self/mounts over /etc/mtab (when available), fixes RT
      #51151 (Thanks Tyler MacDonald)
    - Fix some tests to skip when no regular file systems could be found
    - Some Win32 fixes
    - Switch to Module::Pluggable to load OS-plugins

1.25 2009-10-30
    - Fixed support for FreeBSD and generalize BSD support
    - Fixed support for AIX
    - Fixed aliased attribute support for Sys::Filesystem->filesystems
    - Fix "Sys::Filesystem->filesystems ()" and "Sys::Filesystem::filesystems"
      (reported by H.Merijn Brand) by using Params::Util
    - Add keyword "Id" to be used/expanded by svn
    - Explain how restrictions on method filesystem works in Sys::Filesystem
    - Add a version method to all fs plugins
    - Update documentation
    - Correct t/03test.t to use format instead of type (recommended)

1.24 2009-10-17
    - Added support for NetBSD (Jens Rehsack)
    - Added support for HP-UX (H.Merijn Brand)
    - Fixed POD a little
    - Add a simple test to see whether it's working or not - Increased
      required perl version (suggested by H.Merijn Brand)

1.23 2009-05-10
    - Fixed (RT #34577), patches from LEMBARK, REHSACK
    - Fixed failing on OS X (RT #7958, RT #43681), patch from Dirk Langer
    - Taking Co-Maintainership (Jens Rehsack, CPAN Id: REHSACK)
    - Changing debug environment flag from DEBUG to SYS_FILESYSTEM_DEBUG

1.22 2006-06-01
    - Added CREDITS.
    - Fixed logic in where the inversion of the
      'regaular' and 'special' paramaters was not being handled correctly,
      causing an incorrect selection of filesystems to be returned sometimes.
    - Added fd ctfs devfs objfs and procfs as special filesystem types in
    - Added procfs as a special filesyetem type to
    - Changed to extract the filesystem type from the vfs field in
    - Added note in main POD warning people not to confuse "type" and "vfs"
      when querying values under AIX.
    - Altered unit tests to be more reliable over different setups.

1.21 2006-05-23
    - Typo in Build.PL. Changed "build_requires" to be "recommends".

1.20 2006-05-23
    - Fixed POD to reflect functionality that existed but wasn't documented,
      or that was documented incorrectly.

1.19 2006-05-23
    - Changed license to Apache 2.0
    - Fixed a couple of module file names.
    - Added additional unit tests.
    - Fixed loading of failover modules.
    - A few small bug fixes in parsing of some tab files.

1.18 2005-12-29
    - Modified Makefile.PL to submit information to if the
      user agrees. Tweaked the POD slightly.

1.16 2005-12-08
    - Modified POD

1.15 2005-12-02
    - Updated for revision number and email address

1.14 2005-01-30
    - Added some new filesystem property aliases and reference to AIX helper

1.13 2005-01-26
    - Added extra documentation and the device option for the filesystems

1.12 2005-01-13
    - Updated POD

1.11 2004-10-06

1.10 2004-10-06
    - Fix from Win32 to MSWin32

1.09 2004-10-05
    - Updated to properly detect some more special fs types

1.08 2004-09-30
    - Added regular_filesystems() method
    - Added autofs and mntfs as special filesystems for Solaris

1.07 2004-09-30
    - Added solaris mnttab support
    - Fixed an AUTOLOAD and DESTROY issue

1.06 2004-09-29
    - Added alias support and more POD docs

1.04 2004-09-29
    - Initial release to get the code out there