Changes log for Perl extension SQL::Statement

1.414	2020-10-21
    * re-release 1.413_001 without further changes

1.413_001	2020-09-28
    * Spell check
    * Be specific in which files to skip from the distribution
    * Author fixes
    * Makefile.PL: port WriteMakefile1 from Hash::Merge
    * .travis.yml: update for Xenial VMs
    * cleanup MANIFEST.SKIP
    * bump copyright year
    * SQL::Parser correctly parse VALUES and SET clauses containing function invocations with several arguments
      patch provided by Edgar J. Holleis

1.412	2017-04-06
    * Release 1.411_001 without further changes as 1.412

1.411_001 2017-03-30
    [Bug fixes]
    * Fix (NumericEval: fix
      typo on error handling) (thanks to Yanick Champoux, James R. Leu)
    * fix repo url and t/02execute.t (Reini Urban, Mohammad S Anwar)
    * fix test failing with blead-perl (Jens Rehsack)

    * Refactor constraints processing (Ovidiu Gheorghies)
    * Support parsing of complex JOIN clause (containing OR and ()'s) (James R. Leu)
    * handle backtick quoting (Ben Hengst)

1.410 2016-04-11
    [Bug fixes]
    * Fix RT#113625 - Unnecessary x-bits (Kent Fredric, Mohammad S Anwar)

    * pod2markdown from lib/SQL/

1.409 2016-04-06
    * Release 1.408_001 without further changes as 1.409

1.408_001 2016-03-07
    [Bug fixes]
    * Fix RT#112530 - t/06virtual.t fails with -Duselongdouble (thanks
      Slaven Rezic)
    * Fix RT#105852 - dependency installation isn't triggered properly in
      cpan (thanks Mithaldu)
    * Fix RT#99349 - bind variables are not bound to placeholders in the
      correct order (thanks

    * Update Copyright statements, add where missing (according to records)
    * Add license conditions where missing
    * bundle copy of license conditions to distribution

1.407 2015-05-26
    * Release 1.406_002 without further changes as 1.407

1.406_002 2015-05-22
    [Bug fixes]
    * Fix RT#104579: Redundant argument in sprintf
      submitted by Slaven Rezić
    * Fix RT#104589: t/14parse.t fails if Test::Deep is not installed
      submitted by Slaven Rezić

1.406_001 2015-05-20
    * clean up Makefile.PL, meta-data and requirements

    [Bug fixes]
    * Fix SQL function CONV to use limited number of sane character sets
      for conversion and rely on Math::Base::Convert instead of own code
      (suggested by Tom Wyant in RT#100551, thanks Tom)
    * fix handling of literal identifiers and for every IMPORT rely on
      literal identifiers to avoid parser errors for column names starting
      with numbers or similar
    * fix capability cache: "$class->can(...)" might return undef and
      therefore inexistent capabilities are queried to often
    * Fix COUNT(DISTINCT col) without GROUP BY clause (patch submitted
      by Grant Mathews, thanks Grant)
    * Fix "parse insert with functions" submitted via GitHub PR#6 by
      fecundf and RT#96628
    * Fix RT#93320: SQL-style comment can not begin inside quotes by
      Tom Wyant - thanks Tom

    * reduce blocks and rewrite some inner statements to increase speed
      of sql command processing

1.405 2013-06-17
    [Bug fixes]
    * INSERT now expands incomplete rows (Thanks to H.Merijn Brand)

1.404 2013-05-23
    [Bug fixes]
    * re-enable cleanup test_output* after test done
    * recommend Text::Soundex and do soundex-test only when have it,
      because it's going to be removed from core for Perl 5.19 (thank Merijn)

1.403 2013-05-22
    [Bug fixes]
    * fix documentation (rt#84889 - thanks Xavier Guimard and Florian,
      rt#85257 - thanks Andreas Koenig)

1.402 2012-12-19
    * add Math::Complex 1.56 as recommendation (RT#81926, Sam Ferencik)
    * add Math::BigInt 1.88 as recommendation (RT#81927, Sam Ferencik)
    * clarify Test::Simple 1.90 is required for building
      (RT#81925, Sam Ferencik)

    [Bug fixes]
    * fix leaking reference to open tables outside SQL::Statement::execute
      (fixes RT#81523)
    * looks_like_number identifies 'nan' as number sometimes (add regex to

1.401 2012-10-29
    * Switch to 3-digited minor version

    [Bug fixes]
    * undo literal replaces in subqueries before passing them to the
      child parser
    * Fix doc typo RT#76764 (STEFFENW) - thanks Steffen
    * Fix typo documented in RT#71914 (reported by Ze'ev Atlas,
      fixed by H.Merijn Brand) - thanks Ze'ev and Merijn
    * Fix DROP TABLE behaviour and error detection

    * Improve documentation/tests for multiple JOIN's from RT#69573
      (from BBYRD) with modifications
    * Filling in the SQL92 gaps for functions (BBYRD) from RT#72638
      with minor modifications - thanks Brendan

1.33 2011-02-05
    [Bug fixes]
    * Move test dependencies to (unreleased) Bundle::Test::SQL::Statement
      to avoid circular dependencies

1.32 2011-01-19
    [Bug fixes]
    * Fixed invalid check for escaped single quotes
    * Fixed unpermitted modification of array source for table creation
      (CREATE TABLE AS IMPORT(?),[[..],[..]])
    * Fixing alias used in ORDER BY (RT#61384, thanks jvm)
    * Fixing ORDER BY behavior for multiple sort columns
      (slower, but guaranteed correct)

    * renamed fetch-method into fetch_row (keep fetch() as alias) and
      add a fetch_rows() to fetch all rows at once
    * Different accessors for direction of ORDER BY clause query part
      and it's boolean equivalent "desc" (0 or 1, respectively)
    * Add a lot of Pure-Perl DBD's as build dependency for testing
      (skip DBD::AnyData for now, because it seems to be broken - check
      for next release)

    * Bump requirement of DBI to 1.616
    * switch for fully external DBD tests from DBD::XBase to DBD::SQLite
    * Document another limitation (lacking implicit creating temp table
      during processing a query using the same table with different aliases

1.31 2010-08-16
    [Bug fixes]
    * Fix misbehaviour of DELETE/UPDATE for tables with only basic capabilities
      and no matching where clause (reported by H.Merijn Brand and Drew ...)
    * Fix some column identifier splits to respect quoted tables

    * Optimized some core routines between 25% and 50%.

1.30 2010-08-01
    [Bug fixes]
    * remove blib directory from distfile

1.29 2010-08-01 released August 1st, 2010
    [Bug fixes]
    * add some getters as documented in SQL::Statement::Structure
      (fixes RT#59834, thanks John Wiersba)
    * add missing import of function croak to SQL::Statement::Term::ColumnValue
    * fix assignment of parser result (doesn't run with perl-5.13.3)

1.28 2010-07-15
    * Introduce new "capability" method for SQL::Statement and SQL::Eval::Table
      + Add capability for "insert_new_row" to allow DBD::DBM to fix PK
        constrain on INSERT statements.
    * Performance of IMPORT feature improved (thanks to Sven Probst, RT#57322)

    [Bug fixes]
    * expect every table object being derived from SQL::Eval::Table
    * rewrite DELETE and UPDATE command based on table capabilities
    * add abstract methods for all methods derived classes must override
      (this means, open_table for SQL::Statement deriveds must be overridden
      and all data access methods of tables - see SQL::Eval::Table for details)
    * Tests are fixed to use TEMP TABLES explicitely when required
    * check for invalid column names fixed
    * Don't let depreciated parser structures stay alive in SQL::Statement when
      reusing the Parser

    * Method documentation of SQL::Statement and SQL::Eval::Table are improved
    * Add a Roadmap describing future plans for SQL::Statement (in addition to
    * POD spelling fixes provided by H.Merijn Brand
      and Pod::Spell::CommonMistakes (thanks Tux)
    * POD grammar fixes and reasonable sentences created by Martin Evans 

    [Things that may break your code]
    * SQL::Statement 1.28 is expected not to work proper in combination with
      DBI 1.611 and below
    * SQL::Statement::ColumnValue expects now every table being derived from

1.27 2010-05-06
    [Bug fixes]
    * use originally given table name for open_table() on SELECT, too
      (all other command still use the originally given name)
    * warn/die -> carp/croak
    * fix delete_one_row & update_one_row ability using

    * Apply spelling fix patch from Ansgar Burchardt (RT#56475)

1.26 2010-04-09
    [Bug fixes]
    * Handle NULL columns in concatenation as empty strings

    * Change regex's in parser to use \p{Word} instead of \w to allow unicode

    * Make clear, that identifiers are handled case insensetive and there is
      a real good solution provided by DBI which allows to live great with
      that behaviour.

1.25 2010-03-15
    [Bug fixes]
    * Keep org_table_names with schema information to allow derived
      table classes to handle as it seems reasonable there
    * Separate columns with "\0" in multi-column aggregation to be able to
      difference between ('1','1foo') and ('11','foo')

    * More resources added to META.yml

1.24 2010-03-15
    * Ignore *.rej in MANIFEST.SKIP (fixes RT #52081 reported by
      Lars Thegler)

    [Bug fixes]
    * Add missing import of _INSTANCE in SQL::Statement::Function::NumericEval
      fixes RT #52356 - reported by Detlef Pilzecker)
    * Fix wrongly discarded DISTINCT clause (RT#53186)

    * Fix parsing errors of plain numbers (RT#16931)
    * Fix parsing errors of nested calculation / functions (RT#16931, RT#52356)
    * Rewrite result calculation of aggregation functions
      (simplify code, speed up)
    * Upgrade Makefile.PL (patch from Alexandr Ciornii) to handle different
      EU::MM versions and abilities properly
    * Update documentation to show how 'column_defs' and SQL::Statement::Term
      instances shall be used
    * Introduce SQL::Dialect::Role providing ini-style data access
      to SQL::Dialects (patch from Michael Schwern)

    [Things that may break your code]
    * SQL::Parser now didn't deliver a struct containing 'column_names',
      'computed_columns' and 'set_functions' - it's combined into one member
    * Minimum required perl version is now 5.8 - upcoming next version of DBI
      requires perl 5.8, too - and I could simplify some code that's why

1.23 2009-11-20
    * Applied patch from Marc Espie which fixes several orthographic
      errors in SQL::Statement::Syntax documentation.
    * Added a fixed version of test reported via RT #34121

    [Bug fixes]
    * Fix an issue in UPDATE command which 'shift's the values from
      the list of parameters which causes there're no more parameters
      left after first row get's updated (Fixes RT #50788)
    * Fix aggregate function handling of new code since 1.21_01
    * Correct handling of DISTINCT in aggregate functions

    * Add support for tables/columns starting with '_' for CSV and AnyData,
      which is usually forbidden by ANSI SQL
    * Add support for inserting multiple lines with one statement
      (fixes RT #31730)
    * Handle ANSI 'IS NULL' and CVS/AnyData 'IS NULL' different

    [Things that may break your code]
    * row_value now expects up to two arguments

1.22 2009-10-10
    * Add missing changelog - no code changes

1.21 2009-10-10
    * remove version dependency to check previously installed version
    * add DBD::File as "Test" requirement

1.21_8 2009-10-05
    [Bug fixes]
    * Add additional test for bug-fix in 1.21_7 to t/18bigjoin.t

    * Correct some typo's in POD

1.21_7 2009-09-31
    [Bug fixes]
    * Don't fail for non-existent columns introduced by functions
      in joins

1.21_6 2009-09-24
    [Bug fixes]
    * Don't abort Makefile.PL when in automated smoke tests

1.21_5 2009-09-23
    [Bug fixes]
    * table order isn't wrongly used in order of appearance when SQL::Parser
      couldn't determine an order
    * Some internal fixes

    * Updated dependency to Params::Util to non-leaking 1.00
    * Note dependency to Carp and Data::Dumper
    * rely on version to compare versions
    * Update POD for terms
    * Update

1.21_4 2009-09-21
    [Bug fixes]
    * modify regex to match types to fix problems with Perl 5.6.2
    * add DESTROY methods to ensure clean up
    * fix lower casing internal table names when joining tables
    * replace parameter shifting by assigning @_ to the list of parameters

1.21_3 2009-09-17
    [Things that may break your code]
    * When someone accesses the where_clause attribute of the SQL::Statement
      instance - be aware that now IN and BETWEEN can be native entries

    [Bug fixes]
    * convert operation to upper case when surely initialized

    * IN and BETWEEN are now native operations - they are not expanded
      to OR'ed equalize operations anymore

1.21_2 2009-09-15
    [Things that may break your code]
    * modify behavior for unquoted identifiers - they're converted and
      returned lower cased now (instead upper cased as in 1.21_1)
      Fixes bug RT #48502

1.21_1 2009-07-30
    [Things that may break your code]
    * removed SQL::Statement::Column
    * don't instantiate SQL::Statement::Functions objects
    * Reworked internal column and function handling to reduce code complexity
    * rows and columns aren't setable from outside a table or eval object

    [Bug fixes and other changes]
    * Fixed bugs:
      + RT #47292: Test failures with recent DBI
      + RT #44512: Patch for CREATE TABLE parsing
      + RT #42676: tests 16 failed

1.20 2009-03-05
    * Fixed Makefile in MANIFEST (reported by Havard Eidnes in RT #43586)
    * Fixed invalid label FETCHROW used (reported by Michael in RT #42982)
    * separated update_one_row and update_specific_row method names for tables
      to avoid confusion

1.19 2009-02-06
    * Fixed OUTER JOIN behavior
    * Added version info to all *.pm files to allow CPAN::Reporter find updates
    * Correct META-Files
    * Fixed reported bugs:

1.18_02 2009-01-20
    * Additional (profiled) optimizations for complicated where clauses

1.18_01 2009-01-12
    * No code changes within SQL::Statement -
      but deliver and execute additional tests.

1.17 2009-01-12
    * Fixed bug: RT#42263: GROUP BY doesn't group on multiple columns

1.16_04 2009-01-04
    * added tests to prove valid quoting (most of them fail)
    * Reformat the source
    * add some (profiled) tweaks as removing useless regex to speed up SELECT

    [Bug fixes]
    * 14217	Does not correctly handle SQL statements with comments
    * 15686	Join syntax is case-sensitive, and common columns in natural
                joins are "ambiguous" [patch]
    * 13080	Cannot update a field based on its previous value
    * 26058	functions on computed columns aliased to the underlying column
                name are not called

1.16_03 2009-01-01
    * removed *.orig and *.rej relics

1.16_02 2009-01-01
    * Changing join_2_tables to reduce memory usage when joining a lot of tables
    [Bug fixes]
    * 15688   Columns aliased with double quotes are a fatal error
    * 16579   Speed optimizations
    * 30590   Bug in SQL::Statement::is_number()
    * 41875   Bug in synopsis example

1.16_01 2009-01-01
    * With this release, I'd like to welcome Jens Rehsack as co-maintainer of
      the SQL::Statement and SQL::Parser modules. Jens has added in some
      great improvements.
      Thanks Jens! -- Jeff
    * Adding a lot of join tests (once from Jeff, 48 from
      PostgreSQL official handbook) - no error of them will be corrected in the
      first run
      Thanks to Alexander Breibach <> -- Jens

1.15 2006-02-02
    * fixed placeholder bug in SQL::Statement::UPDATE
      thanks for bug report Tanktalus

1.14 2005-04-21
    * fixed circular dependency in tests (one mistakenly required AnyData)

1.13 2005-04-18
    * pod fixes

1.12 2005-04-18
    * added support for GROUP BY
      (several people sent suggestions for this in the past, please email me
      so I can credit you, sorry I lost the names)
    * added support for true LIMIT - if a LIMIT clause is specified and
      no ORDER BY clause is specified, the SELECT will stop searching
      when the limit is reached;  with an ORDER BY clause it will still
      search the entire table because we can only ORDER a set;  using
      LIMIT without an ORDER BY will greatly increase speed
    * added support for CREATE/DROP keyword|operator|type|function
    * optimized process_predicate to only look up scalars once
    * completely re-wrote the POD
    * fixed bug in primary key search optimization
      thanks for bug report and test scripts: Jim Lambert, <>
    * fixed problem with all_cols slowing inserts
      thanks for patch and test Cosimo Streppone <>
    * cleaned up case of temp table column names
      thanks for bug report: Dan Wright
    * added a META.YML and extra tests

1.11 2005-03-28
    * fixed bug in "CREATE TABLE AS ..."

1.10 2005-03-27
    * added support for CREATE TABLE AS SELECT ... and CREATE TABLE AS IMPORT()
    * added support for in-memory tables and heterogeneous operations,
      see the SQL::Parser docs
    * added many new built-in functions see
    * added support for user-defined functions, see
    * added support for column name aliases
      thanks for patch, Robert Rothenberg
    * added support for comparison to empty string (e.g. WHERE col1='')
      currently returns the same as WHERE col1 IS NULL
      thanks for patch,
    * fixed bug in S::P::clean_sql() newline-handling,
      thanks for patch Steffen G.,
    * fixed bug in  SQL::Parser::feature()
      thanks for patch, chromatic
    * the word "INTO" is now optional in "INSERT INTO tblname ..."
    * the word "FROM" is now optional in "DELETE FROM tblname ..."
      thanks for suggestion,
    * optimized portions of eval_where, process_predicate, and is_matched
      HUGE thanks Dan Wright and Dean Arnold for patches
    * HUGE thanks to Dean Arnold for all the following which should clean up
      a number of bugs in parentheses parsing and in the predicates IN and
      BETWEEN as well as speed things up considerably

	[SQL::Parser changes]
    * removed recursion from get_in(), get_btwn()
    * fixed paren scan and argument separator scan in get_in()
    * optimized get_in/get_btwn code
    * made get_in/get_btwn OO methods to support
      being overridden by subclasses
    * added transform_syntax() abstract method to permit subclasses
      to add their own syntax extensions
    * rewrite of parens_search() to fixed predicate paren processing,
      remove recursion, and optimize code
    * rewrite of non_parens_search() to fixed predicate
      paren processing and optimize code
    * rewrite of PREDICATE to optimize code;
      moved operator regex construction to dialect initialization
    * change undo_string_funcs(), undo_math_funcs(), nongroup_numeric(),
      nongroup_string() to remove scoped recursion
    * fixed nongroup_numeric() for case insensitive operator match
    * fixed nongroup_string, undo_string_funcs() to include user defined funcs
    * fixed ROW_VALUE's scan for user defined function
      argument separator scan
    * fixed function detection regex in SQL::Parser::ROW_VALUE
      to accomodate arbitrary spacing
    * fixed SQL::Parser::SELECT_LIST()/extract_column_list()
      to support concat operator '||' expressions
    * added following functions to SQL::Statement::Functions:
      COALESCE; NVL (same as COALESCE); DECODE (same as Oracle DECODE);
    * fixed/adapted SQL::Statement::get_row_value(),
      SQL::Statement::SELECT(), for join'ed resultsets

1.09 2004-04-22
    * fixed parens parsing bug reported by Dan Wright, thanks!

1.08 2004-04-20
    * fixed bug in JOIN handling introduced in 1.06

1.07 2004-04-20
    * fixed infinite recursion bug with empty IN() predicate
      thanks chromatic, for the patch
    * fixed case issues with table aliases in joins
      thanks chromatic, for bug report

1.06 2004-04-18
    * column and table name hashes now default to case sensitive
    * where() method now supported as per the docs

1.005 2002-10-26
    * added support for MySQL-like "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS"
    * fixed bug in dotted column names e.g. tableA.colB
    * fixed bug in MAX and MIN (thanks Michael Kovacs,
    * fixed bug in ORDER BY (when col names not in SELECT list)
      Thanks Janet Goldstein <>

1.004 2002-03-13
    * added support for delimited identifiers (inside double quotes);
      these are case sensitive and can contain spaces and other
      special chars
    * added support for two forms of escaping single quotes inside
      quoted values: 'O\'Brien' or  'O''Brien'
    * added support for  both C-Style and SQL-Style double-hypen
      comments,  e.g.  /* comment */ or -- comment
    * added for use with $dbh->get_info()
    * updated the readme file
    * fixed bug in update that refers to its own columns
      (e.g. SET num = num + 2)
    * fixed bug in MIN and MAX when used with strings
      Thanks Dean Kopesky <>

1.003 2002-03-01
    * identifiers (names of columns, tables, and table name
      aliases) are now all case insensitive as required by the SQL
      standard. all older versions including the XS versions used
      case sensitive column names
    * added numerous examples to
    * improved and/or fixed bugs in:
    * placeholder support
      Thanks Achim Grolms <>
    * ORDER BY clause
      Thanks Jan Stocker <>
    * LIKE/CLIKE/RLIKE/IN predicates
      Thanks Udo Beckmann <>
    * table name aliases in explicit joins

1.002 2002-02-05
    * added backwards compatiblity: both SQL::Statement and
      SQL::Parser now work in perl version 5.004 and above.
    * changed defaults for DBD::CSV so it now accepts new SQL
      without adding extra flags to scripts
    * added support for SQL comments
    * added support for temporary tables and on commit clauses in
      CREATE statements and drop behaviour flags in DROP statements
      (SQL::Parser only, not supported by SQL::Statement)
    * fixed bugs in qualified column names (e.g. tableA.*), and in
      joins using ON or WHERE

1.001 2002-01-17
    * Fixed bug in UPDATE that caused the new value to be a hash
      rather than a scalar.

1.0 2002-01-15
    This is the first CPAN release of the pure perl version of the
    module.  It was previously released in an XS version by Jochen
    Wiedman who has turned over maintenance of it to me.

    The new Pure Perl version of SQL::Statement supports everything
    supported by the XS version and, additionally, at least partial
    support for the following features that are not supported at all
    by the XS version:

    * Explicit and implicit joins
    * Table name aliases
    * Set functions
    * String functions
    * String concatenation
    * Numeric expressions
    * IN predicate
    * BETWEEN predicate
    * Alphabetic comparison in WHERE clauses
    * Ordering of text that looks like a number
    * Verbose error messages for both Parsing and Execution errors