Revision history for ExtUtils-BundleMaker

0.006	2014-05-05
    - switch from Module::Build to ExtUtils::MakeMaker

0.005	2014-05-05
    - deal with required version of 0 as undef when checking a core
      module. Without a specific version, it doesn't matter whether
      no version or no specific version is requested.

0.004	2014-05-05
    - mention caching modules as recommended prereqisite together with
      fixed MetaCPAN::Client 1.003000 (Sawyer X)
    - generate some additional getters when generating bundle as separate
    - improve documentation
    - add some more tests for better test coverage

0.003	2014-05-04
    - fix some check_module issues
    - "use" instead of "require" for optional modules
    - don't mention caching modules as requirement
    - improve pod

0.002	2014-05-03
    - fix some minor issues with 1st public customer (List::MoreUtils)

0.001	2014-05-03
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world.