Revision history for Perl module DBD::Sys

    - fix alltables for tables with multiple implementors
    - rename camelCase functions into lower_case functions on request of
      Matt S. Trout (MSTROUT)
    - add lazy loading of required modules for table content on request of
      Matt S. Trout (MSTROUT)

0.101 2010-07-25
    - fix tests to run only when all dependencies are satisfied

0.100 2010-07-21
    - rename columns which were reserved sql words for table procs
    - rework plugin-management and table-management:
	* allow multiple implementors for one table
	* merge the data from multiple implementors on primary key
    - rely on DBI::DBD::SqlEngine
    - add support for Win32::Process::Info
    - fix DBD::Sys::Plugin::Unix::Users and DBD::Sys::Plugin::Unix::Groups
      using setpwent/setgrent as recommended by
      Ashish SHUKLA <> (and by Richard W. Stevens)
    - add logins table to get a list of logged in users
    - add openfiles table
    - fix hwadress column in netint table to hwaddress
    - add a second implementation for the netint table using
      Net::Ifconfig::Wrapper and (for calculating broadcase address)
    - fixing duplicate group entries on FreeBSD (and maybe others)

0.01 2010-05-14
    - original version; released to an unsuspecting world ...