DBD::AnyData - DBI access to XML,CSV and other data

Revision history for Perl extension DBD::AnyData.

version 0.110 release 17th July 2010

* new maintainer Jens Rehsack
* fixes to run with DBI-1.612

version 0.09 released 15 June 2007

* finally fixed the "cleared while still active" bug

version 0.08, released 18 April 2004

 * now sets $dbh->{Active} on with $dbh->connect and off
   with $dbh->disconnect; this allows it to work with
   Ima::DBI, Class::DBI and other environments that cache
   a database handle

version 0.07, released 15 March 2004

 * fixed problem with DBD::File-0.03 STORE
   (thanks to Dan Wright for bug report)

 * fixed ad_import with DBI and keep_connection flag to operate according
   to the docs (when set, allows you to keep a connection)
   (thanks to Dan Wright for bug report)

 * fixed func() calls so they can optionally be called without func()
   if you have DBI version 1.37 or higher, for example these are the same:

     $dbh->ad_dump('SELECT * FROM old');
     $dbh->func('SELECT * FROM old','ad_dump');

   this also applies to ad_import(), ad_convert(), ad_catalog(),
   ad_export() and ad_clear()

version 0.06, released 25 August 2003

 prepare()   : added caching of parser
 Makefile.PL : added prereqs, (thx Scott Godin and Intrepid)
 test.pl     : changes $sth->{NAME} to $th->{NAME_lc}, omitted XML & HTML tests

version 0.05, released 17 July, 2001

 There are major changes in the way the tied hash interface
 does deletions and exporting and in the XML and Weblog format
 parsers.  If you use the tied hash interface or XML or Weblog
 (in either interface), please update to this version.

 The Big Stuff:

   * XML now accepts user-supplied tag-to-column mappings.

   * Import now supports cross and outer joins by importing more than
     one table into the same in-memory table.

 Many minor fixes:

 * fixed adExport to allow flags as documented
   (thx Matthew Wickline)

 * greatly improved and speeded up deletions from tied hashes
   and documented how they work (thx *alot* Matthew Wickline)

 * fixed weblog to handle embedded double quotes
   (thx Bob O'Neill)

 * added documentation to DBD::AnyData on cross joins and full
   outer joins as part of the import statement

 * fixed tests so they skip XML and HTMLtable if the
   required extra modules (e.g. XML::Twig) aren't available
   (thx Malcolm Cook)

 * fixed XML to be able to work with XML::Twig 3.00 as well
   as earlier versions (meant to do that earlier)

 * fixed README to mention that DBD::AnyData replaces
   DBD::RAM (thx Mark Whittiker)

 * fixed weblog README to use current method and column names
   (thx Bob O'Neill)

 * fixed HTMLtable so that it can be used to export even if
   HTML::TableExtract and HTML::Parser aren't installed
   (thx Matthew Wickline)

 * fixed bad version number on DBD::AnyData - it reported 0.03
   instead of 0.04 (hey I caught this one all by myself)

 * added version numbers to all of the submodules and standardized
   the docs

Version 0.04, 26th June, 2001

 * Beta release

Version 0.03, 17th April, 2001

 * second Alpha release

Version 0.02, 4th February, 2001

 * first Alpha release

Version 0.01, 17th January, 2001

 * pre Alpha release

Changes from DBD::RAM to DBD::AnyData

  * streamlined interface, faster operations

  * now supports new formats: HTMLtable, Passwd, Weblog, Paragraph

  * import() now supports SELECT (import only the columns and rows
    you specify) and joining multiple tables into a single table

  * a new convert() method allows one-step conversion between any
    of the supported formats

  * additional support for remote files including authentication

  * additional support for XML including greatly improved export()
    and use of the document's DTD for both importing and exporting

Gotchas in moving from DBD::RAM to DBD::AnyData

  * the func() methods now all start with ad_, thus ad_catalog instead
    of catalog