0.16 Thursday 3rd May, 2012
    Add configure_requires accessor
    Fake a version for inc::Module::Install

0.15 Tuesday 23rd February, 2010
	Allow Makefile.PL/Build.PL exit non-true (Ryan Niebur)
	Use Parse::CPAN::Meta rather than YAML to parse the
	META.yml (Takatoshi Kitano)

0.14 Wednesday 13th February, 2008
	Set $0 to be $file, this allows the use of FindBin in your
	Makefile.PL (if you're so inclined)

0.13 Tuesday 26th June, 2007
	File::chdir 0.08 changed its behaviour and is not backwards
	compatible - avoid using it.

0.12 Thursday 1st March, 2007
	Implement a y_n for the Module::Build fakery

0.11 Saturday 3rd February, 2007
	Fixed the emulation of Module::Install::require
	Change the base test case so that it doesn't need a 
        ./Build dist first (for when building out of SVN rather 
       than a released dist)

0.10 Thursday 2nd June, 2005
	Ship the file for the test suite.  Doh.

0.09 Thursday 2nd June, 2005
	Dummy out that pesky inc::Module::Install

0.08 Thursday 21st April, 2005
	Make use of Cwd::realpath to normalise paths with relative 
	components in them. (Tom Insam)

0.07 Friday 18th February, 2005
	Fixed the relative, non-intrusive case (I forgot we went to
	chdiring all over the shop)

0.06 Tuesday 14th September, 2004
	Rewrote source code example in synopsis so it works

0.05 Thursday 17th June, 2004
	Dummy out Inline::MakeMaker too

0.04 Wednesday 19th May, 2004
	Supply a dummy $VERSION for our fake Module::Build

0.03 Friday 23rd January, 2004
	The "Oh damnit, MakeMaker.pm was subtly different to
	ModuleBuild.pm" release.  Changes from gutting Fotango::Build.

	Modified the fakeout of Module::Build
	On failure methods now set ->error rather than croaking

0.02 Friday 23rd January, 2004
	NINJA compliance
	<environment barbie> Chdir is hard!  Uses File::chdir to
	dynamically change back to where we started </>

0.01 Thursday 22nd January, 2004
	Initial CPAN release