0.52    Wednesday 3rd December, 2003
        Now we depend on perl 5.6.  This makes some of the code a bit cleaner.

        Cosmetic tweaks to the base templates.

        --reverse commandline option, to put the root threads into
        their natural order.

0.51    Tuesday 2nd September, 2003
        Template tweaks - apply the anonymising mariachi filter to subject

        Correct a MANIFEST booboo and ship templates/css.tt2

0.50    Friday 29th August, 2003
        Split some code out into Text::Original

        Added a --class option to allow dynamic selection of the main class
        from the command line.

        Split some of the default templates up.

0.41    Friday 27th June, 2003
        Last release had a screwed up SIGNATURE file.  Since they keep biting
        me we'll stop shipping them for a while.

0.4     Thursday 26th June, 2003
        Now we ship with a lurker-style output.

        template paths are specifyable

        template directories will be scanned for non-template files,
        and those that exist will be copied into the output tree

        Mariachi::Message now has first_line, first_sentence and
        others, to allow extra context in the thread index pages.


        Command line interface changed.  Now instead of positional
        parameters we use named ones.

        Mariach->{list_name,input,output,threads_per_page} have all been
        replaced with a single AppConfig instance, C<config>

0.31    23rd May, 2003
        New distribution, without the failing t/0signature.t

0.3     23rd May, 2003
        Fixed Message->from

        Tweaks to thread output - only display subject where it's
        different from the previous one

        Italicise quoted sections of email

        Added new body_sigless and sig methods in message.

        INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: Filename generation has changed from
        using md5_base64 to md5_hex for aesthetic reasons. This will
        break links for existing installations.

        Distribution includes a passthrough Makefile.PL for CPAN.pm users

0.2     Friday 2nd May, 2003
        fixed distribution - now includes Siesta::Build

0.1     Friday 2nd May, 2003
        initial CPAN release